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The Trails season 6 episode 3- Demons

May 29, 2018 by imprincearthur
The Trails Season 6 Episode 3 -Demons

Coolkat as Tanya White
Macda27 As Mac Anderson
indiybomboo as Yvette Kelci
Max7313 as Carter Stevens
Imprincearthur as Michael Mott
Imprincearthur as Klaus Mott

Note: Brandonh1 Character Brandon Williams has been knocked from main cast to guest/Recurring. He has not had a appearance in this season just yet.


Note: This Episode occurs 2 weeks after the holiday special that just happened.
Michaels House

*MIchael would be seen with a bottle of whisky in his hand while also sitting on the couch*

Klaus: Whats wrong Brother?

Michael: I just know i cant lose you again Klaus.

Klaus: You know Dad, When he does stupid things like this it never lasts but for a short time every single time.

Michael: Yes i know but i have been so happy about our reunion.

Klaus: I know, I have been happy as well.

Michael: I mean come on Klaus, The only times i get to see you anymore is when you are warning us about things and you dont stay long then either.

Klaus: I know brother and i Apologize.

*Michael would Start pouring some Whisky into a glass*

Klaus: You dont need to return to Drinking though Michael.

Michael: This is the only stuff that helps me forget that your leaving and returning to the realm of the dead yet again.

Klaus: You remember what Dad used to tell us?

Michael: About what?

Klaus: The only Similarity between Dark and Light Magic.

Both: It only Lasts for a bit of time.

Michael: I dont want to lose you again though Klaus. I will be so very unhappy.

Klaus: No, You wont. You have a family to take care of You have Your handsome Son Carter and his boy Philip and ever since Yvette came back into the picture your boy has been happy.

*Michael would drink the glass*
Burnsville State Hospital.

* A doctor would walk into the room*

Doctor: How are you feeling there Mr. Anderson?

Mac: A little woozy but thats all is there anything to worry about Doc?

Doctor: Well your MRI was a little concerning.

*Tanya Walks in*

Tanya: Like what was found doc?

Doctor: Well Mr. Anderson here has some brain swelling and a small brain hemmorage but nothing that surgery cant fix.

Mac: I cant afford it doc.

Doctor: You do know Mr. Anderson if this Surgery is not done this Brain swelling and Bleed could possibly kill you.

Mac: I know Doc but it is expensive for me to afford it.

Doctor: Mr. Ander-

*Tanya would interrupt the Doctor*

Tanya: Sorry Doc but can the surgery be done and a payment plan be arranged?

Doctor: Im sorry but it cannot be done. Payment is always required before hand.

Tanya: Is there anything we can do to help him get the surgery?

Doctor: There is one Option and only one Option.

Tanya: What is it?

Doctor: Do you all know a fellow by the name of Edward Mott?

Tanya: Yes what in the hell does he have to do with any of this?

Doctor: If i can get my hand of his black book of magic i can  help you all out.

*The Doctor would pull out a contract to sign*

Doctor: All this Contract states that if i dont get this black book of magic by midnight that the agreement will be null and void and Mac will pretty much die.

*Tanya would sign the contract*

Mac; I can`t let you do that Tanya. Edward can be dangerous.

Tanya: I know and you just let me handle that.

Mac: Tanya, just let me die in peace.

Tanya: I love you Mac, You will not die today or anytime soon.

*Tanya would leave the room*
*Michaels House*

*Michael would be seen once again drinking*

Michael: Brother, I love you.

Klaus: I know man.

*Carter would walk in*

Carter: Dad, what's going on?

Klaus: Carter, Your dad is going into some depression.

Carter: Why, The Greatest threat to us was Marie Laveau and she has been since defeated.

Klaus: That’s not the reason.

Carter: Then what is wrong?

Klaus: We found out that my return was only for a short amount of time.

Carter: Your leaving again?

Klaus: Edward aka our Dad never made his return spells last long.

*Carter would run off crying*

Klaus: CARTER!!

*Carter would ignore and keep running*

Main Street.
*Carter would end up running into Yvette completely out of breath*

Yvette: Carter, whats going on?

Carter;*Still Panting* Its about my Uncle Klaus.

Yvette: So tell me whats going on?

Carter: He’s dying again.

Yvette: Again?

Carter: The spell my Grandfather put on him only lasts for about a year so he is telling everybody he loves goodbye.

Yvette: Hmm, What if we get rid of Edward?

Carter; That’s the only thing, I don’t know how Edward’s magic works.

Yvette: It’s risk a shot aint it?

Carter: The only one who knows for sure about these spells would be tanya.

*Tanya is seen walking down the street*

Yvette: *Would wave and holler at Tanya*

Tanya: Hey guys, Whats up?

Yvette: Same old bullsh*t.

Carter: How is Mac doing?

Tanya: Long story/, He has some Brain swelling and a small Brain hemmoraghe.

Yvette: He’s bleeding in his brain?

Tanya: Yup.

Carter: Anything they can do to help him?

Tanya: Well thats another long story.

Carter: So, Tell us.

Tanya: The doctor is needing Edwards black magic book to help him.

Yvette: But using black magic to cure him will change him forever won’t it?

Tanya: Yes, but it is our only hope.

Carter: Tanya, got a small question for you.

Tanya: what is it?

Carter: If Edward gets defeated will that lift a spell he performed?

Tanya: What type of spell are we talking about here?

Carter: Resurrection.

Tanya: Those spells are difficult as it all depends on how the spell was said and how the spell was written.

Carter: That’s the thing Edward did the spell.

Tanya: With a warlock like himself it is a 50 to 50 chance that killing him will work. Does anybody even know where he is?

Carter: I havent seen him all day which is odd and weird.

Yvette: So no-one really knows where he is?

Carter: Apparently he has not been seen all day.

Tanya: If he can be found, i might have a way to defeat him but the spell is tricky.

Carter: I will start looking.
-------------End Episode----------
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Next Episode: The midseason Finale Mercy


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