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The Trails Season 6 Episode 2-"Holidays"

Feb 11, 2018 by imprincearthur
Turkeylover as Cassandra Daniels
Coolkat as Tanya White
Macda27 As Mac Anderson
indiybomboo as Yvette Kelci
Max7313 as Carter Stevens
Imprincearthur as Michael Mott
@\RyanAndrews As Heidi Ho.
Imprincearthur as Klaus Mott
Brandonh1 as Brandon Williams


*The episode opens with the christmas song "Noel" playing in the background*

-Burnsville Hospital-

The doctor would examine Mac.

-Tanya and michael would walk into the room-

Michael: How is he?

Doc: He has a major concussion and eneds to rest but nothing else is wrong he will be fine, i have decided to keep him here over night for observation but i have faith that he will make it out great.

Tanya: This is all my fault!

She would run out the room crying, Michael would run after her.
Michaels House.

Edward: Reads a latin spell* Magica nigra rogo, redde cui, maxime diligebam reduc eum ipse nunquam decedit.

* Klaus would show up after the spell completes-

Klaus: What the hell is going on?!

Edward: Welcome back son!

Klaus: Dad?, What the hell am i doing back?

Edward: Son did you know Dark magic can do anything?

*Edward would read another latin spell*

Edward: Vigila omnium sanctorum dies donec somno exciata

_Klaus would fall unconscious to the floor and would sleep-
Town Square
Yvette: You ready Carter?

Carter:*Blindfolded* Where are we?

Yvette would take the blindfold off and would notice that he is in the middle of townquare but would notice something off, a table is in the middle of the square as well

Yvette: Well, we have never had an official date as something always happens.

Carter; So who set this up?

Yvete: it was myself and your dad helped out as well.

*Carter would go over and pull out a chair for yvette and she would thank him and they both sit down.

*2 hour slater.

Carter: This was a perfect date, thanks honey.

Yvette: No problem.

-Carter would lean across the table and Kiss yvette-
Back at Michaels house

-Klaus would be seen asleep on the couch.

Edward: Good, Hes sleeping.

--Michael would walk in-

Michael: Whats going on Dad?

Edward: Nothing Much, Hows Mac?

Michael: Hes good, Doc is keeping him overnight for observation.

Edward: Hows my grandson doing, For some reason i cant remember his name.

MIchael: You mean Carter?

Edward; Thats the guy.

Michael: Hes good hes on a date with Yvette.

-MIchael would notice a guy sleeping on the couch-

Michael: Dad, Who the hell is that?!

Edaward: Damn it.

Michael: Dad, Tel me the truth now!

Edward: I wanted to make your christmas this season memorable i called upon my Dark magic and brought klaus back to life.

Michael: Dad, i thought you were done using black magic.

Edward: I was until now.

Michael: So what made you go back?

Edward: You know how black magic is.

Michael: Well no but i did deal wit Marie laveau who pretended to be our friends but she betrayed us all incuding tanya.

Edward: So you see my point.

Michael: Dad, you and i both know that When someone is brought back to life from the dead they are fine for a little bit of time and then they turn into something else.

Edward: Yes and as soon as that happens i will send him back to the land of the deceased.

Michael: You promise?

Edward: Yes, I promise.

- Michael would go over and wake up Klaus-

Klaus would wake-

Michael: How you doing Brother?

Klaus: Still wondering why i was brought back.

Michael: All i know is that Dad brought you back to life using some type of Rare dark magic.

Klaus: Apparently both of us are in the dark.

Michael: You know how Dad normally is,

Klaus: Yea, Always relies on his Dark Magic.

Michael: Well yea of course.
3 days later.

Carter and Yvette would walk into Michaels house and notice the Christmas Decorations everywhere.

Carter; What is this Dad?

Michael: Son, Did you forget what this day is>

Carter: Yes.

-Klaus would walk in-

Klaus: Well its christmas of course.

Carter: Uncle Klaus?!

-Carter would run to Klaus and hug him-

Carter: How?

Klaus: Don't worry about that.

-Tanya and Mac would walk in-

Tanya: Merry Christmas Everybody!

-Klaus would look at Tanya-

Klaus: Man you have changed miss Tanya.

-Both Mac and Tanya would look surprised-

Mac: Mr. Klaus, Its great to see you again but didnt you die?

Klaus: I did but im back now.

Mac; Well i guess this christmas will be a great one.

Klaus: Yup.

-The episode would Close out with Everybody getting some food and opening gifts--

Next Time on The Trails-  Will Old Demons get to Michael?


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Note: The Trails has been off the air for a year but It has Returned. Two young hearts will return as soon as the next episode is completed.


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