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Hells kitchen episode 10 FINALE/WINNER Picked

Jan 2, 2018 by imprincearthur
results are

Black Jackets
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell
11th- Carlyjordan14
10th- Levonini
9th- DevinB
8th- DakotaCoons
7th JennaValentina
Black Jackets
6th- superemily3721
5th- HighNoon.
4th- maicolx3
3rd- Macda27

There is no challenge as this is the finale.

Finale night

Gordon- come on in Philip and Jeremy.

They would walk in.

Gordon- congratulations on making final 2 first let me tell you I never knew you 2 will be my final 2 but here you are. And tonight dinner service will be rough as you Philip will be commanding the blue team aka the blue team come on in blue team.

The past eliminated blue team would show up.

Gordon- and Jeremy you will be commanding the red team so good luck and get ready to start.

Dinner service

Jeremy- Ok first ticket guys, two lobster risotto, three Wellington, how long?

Red team- 5 minutes.

Philip- Firs ticket, 2 risotto, 3 lamb. How long?

Blue team- 5 minutes.

Gordon would walk around checking each teams progress.

Philip- guys come here right now! I have two lamb overcooked and one raw. How the Fu*k can this happen I want this fucki*ng fixed right now.

Service would go easy for both teams.

Gordon- Alright go to the dorms and await my phone call.

Jeremy-Yes chef.

They would leave the kitchen and head to the dorms.

Chefs office

Gordon- Dana as a previous 3rd placer and all star who showed the most commitment tonight?

Dana-Honestly chef Jeremy did.

And milly?

Milly- My man Philip.

Gordon- Alright I have made my decision.

Gordon would call the final 2 chefs and they would arrive and Gordon would place Jeremy on the left door and Philip on the right door.

Gordon- when I say 1 you will put a hand on the door handle and when I say 3 you will open the door. If yours open then congratulations.

Gordon- 1

Jeremy and Philip both place a hand on the door.

Gordon- 2

They both sweat with anticipation.

Gordon- 3

They would both open the door revealing Philip as the winner of hells kitchen.

Fireworks would go off as well as 馃帄 would Reign down.

Gordon-Jeremy you had guts, but not enough. Philip congratulations my man.


YES I DID IT. *They both sweat with anticipation* this was true lol
Sent by Philip13,Jan 2, 2018
Grats Philip
Sent by wuau,Jan 3, 2018
thank you Jeremy! wuau
Sent by Philip13,Jan 3, 2018
Congrats :)
Sent by Macda27,Jan 3, 2018

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