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Hells kitchen episode 8

Dec 17, 2017 by imprincearthur
results are

Black Jackets
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell
11th- Carlyjordan14
10th- Levonini
9th- DevinB
8th- DakotaCoons
7th JennaValentina
Black Jackets
6th- superemily3721
5th- HighNoon.


Gordon: Welcome final 4, Congratulations on making it here.

All:Thank you chef.

Gordon:For today's challenge you will recreate your signature dish.  we have two special guests joining us today to help judge. Please get to your ingredients and get ready.

Philip(Confessional): This is a chance to redeem myself of that dreaded 2 from day 1.

Gordon:Before you all start there is one big catch. Yo must switch with your opponents opposite of you. Another thing a good chef must have is that they can think on their feet lightly. So that's your test today.

After one hours the chefs are ready to present their dishes.

Gordon: Okay our two special guests today number one is the hit sniper and assassin who portrayed the infamous Jason Bourne. Matt Damon. Our second guest is another actor but portrayed a very different role please welcome the person who portrayed Scott mcCall on the hit mtv drama. Tyler posey.

Each chef will get a score of a 1 to 5 from each then they will get their total.

Macda Would present his dish and get a total of 10 getting the lowest score from Gordon himself.

Jeremy would present his dish and score a total of 14 the highest of the night. Getting his lowest score from Tyler.

Maicolxs would present his dish and get a score of 13.
His lowest coming from Tyler.

Philip would present his dish and get a total of 14. Tying with Jeremy.

Each judge would evaluate the dishes again and each would vote with chef voting first.

Tyler would vote Jeremy also making Jeremy the winner of today's signature dish challenge.
Matt voted for Jeremy also over Philip.

Gordon: Congratulations Jeremy on winning the
Challenge and today you will be flown  back to Vegas to eat at the exquisite Hells kitchen restaurant at Caesars palace. But that's not all you will also be able to take one guest. Who do you chose?

Jeremy- Philip as he deserves to go.

Gordon: Go get ready you two.
As for Mac and maicolx you two have punishment time with today being fish delivery.

Philip an Jeremy would arrive in Vegas only to be greeted  By Elise.

Elise- I have an offer for both of you. Leave hells kitchen and come work with me in this hells kitchen.

Jeremy+Not happening. I'm in it to win it.

Philip would think about it for a bit and eventually turn down the offer.
Dinner service

At dinner service all dinner service was quiet and easy.


Gordon:Dinner service was great tonight but tonight's elimination is not based on cooking but whether or not I think you are a worthy person to head my restaurant.

Philip and Maicolx step up.

Gordon:Philip you were put to a test along with Jeremy today in Vegas but you hesitated for a bit before saying no and Maicolx I havent seen you at your best today but one person must leave and unfortunately my decision is final.

My decision is Philip.

Philip would walk forward and apologize over and over to chef Ramsay.

Gordon-Get back in line young man you are still in the running to become my head chef.

Maicolx would step yo next.

Gordon would tell him to take off his jacket.

Reason for elimination: Maicolx showed great chef abilities throughout the competition but failed to show them tonight so he had to go.

Final 3 black jackets

Next time on hells kitchen- Tensions rise between the three chefs as the finale draws one step closer.


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