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Hells kitchen episode 6

Dec 13, 2017 by imprincearthur
results are

Red team
DakotaCoons -
DevinB -

Blue team
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell
11th- Carlyjordan14


Come on in chefs.

Gordon:Alright good morning.


Gordon:Today will be a special day for six of you because today's challenge is fight for your life or in this case your black jacket. And if you get a black jacket don't think your safe completely as there will be a dinner service and another person will leave hells kitchen you must present to me a star dish. GO.

As time passes chefs are running all over the place while Macda27 slipped he took out Maicolx3's fish.

Gordon:And in 3 2 1 serve.

Narrator: Gordon will now taste all the dishes and think of who will get a black jacket and who will not. This could make it or break it for some if the chefs.

10 minutes later

Gordon:OK after tasting all the dishes I have made my decision made. So will HighNoon step up please.

High Would do so

Gordon: Take off your jacket.

Both teams would gasp.

Gordon:and put on this black jacket. Congratulations you are in the top 6.  Next up is Dakota and Devin.

They would step up

Gordon: take off your jackets and leave hells kitchen.

They would leave.

Jeremy,Macda,Emily and Maicolx would each receive a black jacket.

This leaves Jenna and Philip left.

Gordon: Quickly, Jenna why should you stay in hells kitchen?

Jenna:I feel like this is where I belong chef.


Philip: I should stay in hells kitchen because I'm strong, valuable and I can win this!!

Gordon: My decision is Philip.

Mac would be in shock.

Philip would take off his blue jacket and walk up to Ramsay only to be given a black jacket.

Philip:Thank you chef.

Gordon: Jenna you are talented and don't let this stop you from cooking you made top 7 in hells kitchen which is not easy to do.

Top 6

Dinner service

At dinner service Both Emily and High noon struggled on their stations bringing them to a instant Nomination.


Gordon: Emily once again you fucked up on the garnish station so please take of your jacket and leave hells kitchen.


#bringjennaback robbed queen
Sent by JennaValentina,Dec 13, 2017
Gordon: Emily once again you fucked up on the garnish station so please take of your jacket and leave hells kitchen.
LOL rip
Final 5 kings
Sent by Philip13,Dec 14, 2017

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