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Hells kitchen episode 4

Dec 12, 2017 by imprincearthur
All results are

Red team
DakotaCoons -
DevinB -

Blue team
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell
11th- SuperEmily3721

The dorms
Jeremy: Jenna you are such a little bitch.

Jenna: Jeremy you are a complete ass.

Jeremy: oh bite me.

*Someone would knock on the doors*

Shay and Emily would come running into the dorms causing torment left and right. Emily would run up and kiss Mac on the lips. They would leave while Gordon walks In.

Gordon:Messy messy but I see you saw shay and Emily or the first two eliminated. This is  your challenge today you must pick one red and one blue to face Emily and shay in a battle but neither team will know who won until That person walks through the door. Blue team who will face Emily?

Philip: we have decided to let Carly battle Emily.

Gordon:Interesting, red team?

Jeremy:I will do it chef.

Gordon:Alright Carly and Jeremy meet me in dining room in 5 minutes.

Dining room

Emily and shay stand there waiting and looking fierce as Carly and Jeremy walk in.

Shay:Your time is done pretty boy

Jeremy:My time has just begun bitch

Carly;You ready?

Emily:Yes I'm ready to take your spot.

Gordon:Alright you all have 60 minutes to present me with a stunning chicken or beef dish. GO!

Time would end

Gordon:Alright first battle,  Carly and Emily. First up Emily describe the dish please.

Emily: Chef today I present you the half hour beef bourniginon.

Gordon:intresting, It looks fantastic and that was a quick beef bourniginon normally it takes between 2 to 3 hours to cook but it tastes fantastic. Great job Emily.

Carly: I have a garlic chicken with roasted potatoes chef.

Gordon I love the concept and taste. This is interesting but the winner of this battle is

The dorms

Mac: Do you think it was right we sent Carly down.

Maicolx:Absolutely she has to prove herself on our team.

The door would knock and production would remove one suitcase from the remaining 4.

Mac: OK Jeremy,Shay and Emily's is left.

Which means

Emily comes Running in.

Dining room
Gordon:Carly you are a amazing chef but you don't have what it takes to be a hells kitchen winner.

The other two would battle it out and production would once again take a bag from the remaining 2.

Jeremy would walk back into the dorms.

Dinner service
At the dinner service, Two famous celebrities have been invited to hells kitchen. On the blue team she is a multi millon dollar singer she sang hits such as I surrender and my heart will go on. Celine Dion has took her seat and on the red side you have a famous TV fireman from the hit NBC fire drama Chicago fire, Taylor Kinney is in.

The rest of the dinner service went smoothly.

Gordon: This was a phenomenal dinner service so I have some good news, there is no elimination

Next time on hells kitchen
One chefs dream will go down with the ship as a important guests judge the challenge
Stay tuned for a drama packed episode of hells kitchen.

What did you think of Carly's shocking elimination and the shocking return of superemily3721

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