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Hells kitchen episode 2

Dec 10, 2017 by imprincearthur
All results are

Red team
DakotaCoons -
DevinB -

Blue team
Philip13 -

Eliminated chefs

12th- TheShayMitchell

Challenge 2

Gordon would call the dorms.

Jeremy: Hello.

Gordon: Hello Jeremy its chef I need all of you down in the red kitchen.

Gordon would hang up.

Jeremy:Alright that was chef he needs all of us in the red kitchen.

*All chefs would meet in red kitchen.

Gordon:Hello chefs its time for your next challenge. To judge with me I have brought in the woman who wrote the book Julie and Julia, Ms. Julie Powell and world renowned chef Wolfgang puck. Today each team will have a list of ingredients and you must make a dish out of the ingredients provided.
All ingredients have been already picked for you Ms Julie picked for the red while Wolfgang picked for the blue team. Since the red team has one more member than the blue team, one must sit out please pick carefully as this person is safe from the punishment.
The red team chooses Jenna to sit out. Each kitchen has 5 proteins but different veggies, fruits and spices.

Red team: Pork shoulder, pigs feet, Bacon, Eggs, Halibut other ingredients include eggplant, carrots, peach and Celery spices are unlimited.

Blue team has same proteins but ingredients include sweet corn, green beans, tomato and watermelon. Spices are unlimited.

Gordon: You have 30 minutes, GO!

*Time ends*

Gordon:Let's start off easy with the battle of the eggs
Carly and Jeremy would step forward and describe their dishes.

Julie: I have to go with the blue team.
Wolfgang:I disagree I say red team.
Gordon:Both teams get a point.

1 to 1

Gordon: Battle of the halibut, Mac from blue team would step forward As well as Lev from the red team, both would describe their dishes.

Gordon:Point goes to Blue team.

Gordon:Battle of the Bacon.

High noon from red team delivers raw Bacon while Philip delivered a undercooked vegetable.

The judges deliberate And gave the point to blue team.

Gordon:Battle of the pigs feet, let's go.
Dakota and Emily would step forward.


Point goes to red team.
Score rests at 3 to 2.
Its all up for Maicolx from blue team to deliver the winning pork shoulder dish or Devin to award the red team a tie. In the event of a tie breaker, all three judges will deliberate on all dishes from both teams.

Devin had 2 judges like his over maicolxs pork shoulder rice dish.

Its now time for a tie.

After the judges deliberaterd it was announced the winner was the RED team.

Red team as winner of the challenge I am flying you out to Louisville Kentucky where you will get to taste real bourbon and spend the night on a ghost tour at Waverley hills Sanatorium. Go get ready.

Blue team it is time for beef and pork delivery day so after you unload the trucks, you have plenty of prepping to do as well as garbage work to do. Have fun.

Dinner servicel
Gordon decided to give Mac a second chance to redeem himself on the meat station which Mac was able to do and lead the blue team to a flawless dinner service as well as the red team but one team must lose and unforunately it was the blue team(Decided by Wolfgang and Julie).

At elimination. The blue team Nominated Macda27 and Superemily3721 for elimination and Gordon was confused on why Mac was nominated he was then informed they feel he is a threat in the kitchen. So chef called both chefs down but In the end Emily was sent packing.

Gordon: Chef Emily had heart and soul but maybe not enough.

Next time on Hells kitchen: Will Jeremys temper be the end of him?

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I love this episode too, you're doing a good job :)

Also me getting good editing woohoo
Sent by Macda27,Dec 10, 2017
Macda27, going to try to give everyone their time to shine. But glad you like it!
Sent by imprincearthur,Dec 10, 2017
Oh, it seems that I am in trouble next episode...

RIP me
Sent by wuau,Dec 10, 2017
but anyway, nice work XD
Sent by wuau,Dec 10, 2017
Yay! I鈥檓 flying under the radar and got a point for my team!
Sent by Philip13,Dec 11, 2017
Why is it always down to me 馃槀
Sent by Maicolx3,Dec 11, 2017
Sent by SuperEmily3721,Dec 11, 2017

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