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Hells kitchen episode 1

Dec 10, 2017 by imprincearthur
All results are

Red team
DakotaCoons -
DevinB -

Blue team
Philip13 -

Challenge- The 12 talented chefs were tasked with a signature dish challenge and each person was.given a score of a 1 to a 5 with a 5 being the highest and if you get a one your a disgrace to the chef title.

Levonini scored a 3 for the red team
Philip13 scored a 2 for the blue team
The red team has a one point lead.
Highnoon scored a strong 4 for the red team
Super Emily scored a 3 for the blue team.
The red team leads 7-5
DakotaCoons scored a 3 for the red team.
It is all up to Maicolx3 to tie the challenge up.
Maicolx3 scored a 3 for the blue team.
Red team leads 10-8.
DevinB scored a 3 for the red team
While Macda27 scored the first 5 of the night.
The challenge is tied 13 to 13.
Jenna scored a low 2 for the red team.
All the blue team needs to score is a 3 to lead.
Wuau scored the second 5 of the night.
Blue team leads the challenge 18 to 15
It is all up to Carlyjordan to score the winning number.
Carlyjordan scored a high 5 to end the night off.
All the blue team needs is a 3 or above to win, if there is a tie two chefs one from each team will go to sudden death.

Shaymitchell scored the lowest of the night a 1.

Congratulations red team.

I am sending you all to Vegas and there you will eat at the infamous Gordon Ramsay steak and take a walk on the strip.

Blue team, tonight at dinner service is Latin themed.
So there will be decorating the dining room and prepping both kitchens.

Off you go.

Dinner service
As dinner service commenced the red team struggled to pass out their appetizers while the blue team made it past the appetizers but when entrees started coming in. Macda27 failed on meat station which made the blue team lose the service.

At elimation
Mac and wuau was nominated by the blue team for lack of communication. But Ramsay had another nominee in place. Shay was nominated by Ramsay for lack of skill in the challenge and in the end Macda27 was called first but got sent back to the line and in the end TheShayMitchell was sent packing.

TheShayMitchell had high hopes coming in and her hopes were too high and she lost her chance.

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Did well in the mini challenge but did bad in the main

Love this episode
Sent by Macda27,Dec 10, 2017
I like that the episodes aren鈥檛 too long! It鈥檚 a perfect length and interesting!
Sent by Philip13,Dec 10, 2017
Also do well in the mini challenge but receive hate from the own team...

Btw you can call me Jeremy not wuau in the episode imprincearthur
Sent by wuau,Dec 10, 2017
Wuau sure.
Sent by imprincearthur,Dec 10, 2017
Made it out alive 馃槣
Sent by Maicolx3,Dec 10, 2017
Prettu good for first episode imprincearthur let鈥檚 see what else you can come up with:)
Sent by Maicolx3,Dec 10, 2017
Sent by Maicolx3,Dec 10, 2017

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