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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Which is worse in survivor?

9thJan 31, 2023 by ilovetosing
1) You get deal as final immunity comp. You do it the last minute and lost so you got voted out for 11th.
2) You get voted out over someone who has been inactive, isn't doing any comp and just ate the crap of out the food but the person got kept because he's friends with people in the tribe and you aren't.


Not even close
Sent by spikedcurley,Jan 31, 2023
I happen for two situations :/
Sent by LaJoaqui,Jan 31, 2023
In my last Survivor the person I got voted out over got banned literally a couple hours later
Sent by Thnksfrthmmrs,Jan 31, 2023
Sent by mrkkkkyle,Jan 31, 2023
Sent by Tester,Jan 31, 2023
Sent by AliBonico,Jan 31, 2023

1 is a skill issue
Sent by temponeptune,Jan 31, 2023
Sent by Yawnha,Jan 31, 2023
Just getting 11th in general tbh
Sent by Robbie626,Jan 31, 2023
I hate 2
Sent by Lucas_RFS,Jan 31, 2023

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