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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Feb 26, 2024 by ikaw0ng

eliminate all of them except leung cheuk ying


I remember I convinced a friend to watch Girls Planet because there would be wannabe on the demo stage
Sent by Lukaa,Feb 26, 2024
lukaa were they dissapointed
Sent by ikaw0ng,Feb 26, 2024
lukaa every chinese trainee for the demo stage was edited to seem untalented or like mean
Sent by ikaw0ng,Feb 26, 2024
ikaw0ng I remember that, the production was horrible with the Chinese women, both in the evil edit and in the screen time (cai bing falling to last place was very heavy)
Sent by Lukaa,Feb 26, 2024
lukaa and in the applications, it said each girl will get equal treatment, but the staff did not care for chinese, and very few staff treated them well, and some ignored them, and they promised their would be translators at any time, but when they were asked to translate for the chinese girls, they did not get translated, and had to rely on other chinese girls on their team who knew korean.
Sent by ikaw0ng,Feb 26, 2024

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