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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


Feb 24, 2024 by ikaw0ng

i think she has too much behavior issues in the show and she was a spoiled brat but she slayed the performances but she got eliminated and thats too bad because her team mates didnt like her and they wanted her to be eliminated and she didnt practice and stayed on her phone and she didnt do the right thing and she also trolled Yoona and i think she should be a soloist and not be in a group if she was in a group her team mates wouldnt like her and shes also so talented and she has that star quality so she needs to be a soloist and no offense but if you become a idol in a group specifically you have to work hard and be less lazy but she is very unsportsmanship like

she is also spoiled and when she didnt get the part she wanted she left the room and got angry at the members and when i watched this i didnt understand why she did that

but she has a whole lot of potential. she is pretty, talented, charming, good performer and more and maybe in the future she will see lots of success and i think she shouldnt give up

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