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ruby youtube 6irly short announcement

Feb 23, 2024 by ikaw0ng
*in korean* *sitting in a chair and the YG ENTERTAINMENT logo sits behind me*
annyeonghaseyo it is me ruby so anyways im here to say that sapphire ( yoko_homo) deserved to be leaked and shes annoying and that im a better singer than her and she has taken my role as the main vocalist and she strains her highnotes and shes a fat ass bitch and she was only trained for 2 weeks before debuting and her voice cracked on the recording of bye bye baby but we had to add autotune also shes the fattest one and she refuses to go on diets and that i hate her and shes a stupid low iq horse and shes a fatty bitchy hahah and also her nudes are gross and fat and her rolls can be seen easily. she also doesnt fit the beauty standards and her nudes are nasty

anyways i have a solo debut called siren so stream it


Sent by princesspretty,Feb 23, 2024

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