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Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! 『Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!』 (MV)

Dec 6, 2023 by ikaw0ng

Song: Kiss!Kiss!Kiss!
Concept: Happy
Company: Hello! Project and Tengaged SM Media
Composer: Nicole ( ilovepuppies135)
Choreography: Paula ( paul028)
Instrumental: Nayoung ( Kindred7) and Yamaha
Lyricism: Mitsui Aika ( Fendimania)

This is a song that is made by members of the groups.

Members Performed:

Keki ( Kiki4ever)
Ririka ( mathboy9)
Aika ( Fendimania)

This is the 2nd song released in Japan.


Sent by ilovepuppies135,Dec 6, 2023

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