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RPDR Season 12 Episode 5 Rankings

Mar 29, 2020 by iiVoloxity
Planet of the Capes Ranking
11th- Heidi N Closet
10th- Brita
9th- Widow Von' Du
8th- Nicky Doll
7th- Jan
6th- Gigi Goode
5th- Jaida Essence Hall
4th- Jackie Cox
3rd- Sherry Pie
2nd- Aiden Zhane
1st- Crystal Methyd

Queen Ranking
10th- Brita (-1)
9th- Jaida Essence Hall (-7)
8th- Widow Von' Du (+2)
7th- Aiden Zhane (+4)
6th- Crystal Methyd (-1)
5th- Jackie Cox (+1)
4th- Gigi Goode (-)
3rd- Sherry Pie (+4)
2nd- Heidi N Closet (+1)
1st- Jan (-)

Biggest Rise- Sherry Pie (+4)
Biggest Fall- Jaida Essence Hall (-7)

Nicky- Her confessionals were so constant, annoying and boring. All she ever talked about was how she was a look queen and wasnt just a look queen. Also, highly disappointed for how she jumped Aiden in Untucked along with Brita and Jaida. Those bitches gotta go.



I haven't properly disliked someone as much as I do Brita on the show in ages
Crystal deserves a higher placement x
Sent by texty,Mar 29, 2020
texty Oh I love crystal dw it's just I really want to see her shine in a challenge. She has done well so far but I just wanna see her completely snap
Sent by iiVoloxity,Mar 29, 2020
iivoloxity true, she deserved a high placement in the ball ball imo
Sent by texty,Mar 29, 2020
Aww poor Nicky. I actually found her pretty endearing when she wasn't being repetitive..
In untucked I think she was pissed off as she probably knew she was lip syncing and it annoyed her to see someone feel so comfortable in their position (aiden) that they could sit back a bit.
Sent by Majority,Mar 29, 2020

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