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Ok so I had a messy Monday

Feb 21, 2020 by iiVoloxity
I bought these weed milkshakes and they had 500mg of weed in them each. So naive me just drank it all at once on Sunday and my head was that fucked I actually couldnt get to sleep like everytime I lay down and closed my eyes everything spun. I woke up the next day at 8 for my lecture at uni and I literally couldnt see or stand, so I had to give that a miss. However, I had a practical, which was an essential class, at 1. I woke up and walked to uni and I literally was still stoned af doing this practical with all these chemicals and shit. I felt like Rick and Morty. Anyways, I got home and passed tf out till the next morning. I literally felt like Monday didnt even happen and I was still kinda high on Tuesday morning.


that sounds horrible lol
Sent by koolcoop,Feb 21, 2020

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