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  2. Ok me looking like Queen Shakira
  3. Do people have nothing better to do
  4. Me shaking throughout the duration
  5. Who remembers Scooby Doo on Zombie Island
  6. Anyone else suffering the problem
  7. Ok so I had a messy Monday
  8. MDMA resistance really does exist
  9. Theres just No Time To Die
  10. Billie Eilish really did that
  11. No one can say
  12. Can someone pls gift me
  13. I dont understand why shop owners
  14. is it bad that I just got bored
  15. Omg I got so ketty last night
  16. I loved this year's superbowl halftime
  17. Why has tengaged became more obssessed
  18. Has anyone ever heard the song 'Ex-Wives'
  20. I've went MDMA cold turkey
  21. I can officially say
  22. If your a female, gay or a feminist
  23. You know your life is bad
  24. So im going to same club I went to on Monday
  25. Ok some fucked up drug shit happened me last night
  26. Start uni again tomorrow
  27. What is it with me going on a night out
  28. SOS
  29. Me and my dubai bestie
  30. Question for people who know drugs
  31. Ugh cant wait to see my bestie tomorrow
  33. Just watched the movie 'Fractured' on Netflix
  34. Does anyone know any online stores
  35. Another head hangs lowly
  36. Lady Gaga was the most successful artist of the..
  37. One of the best pieces of artistry ever
  38. The scald on new years night was too much
  39. With new year new me or whatever
  40. In 2020

Ok just made a fishbowl for pre-drink

Nov 15, 2019 by iiVoloxity
It's like half vodka half WKD and super strong. Me planning to drink it all myself. Imma be a mess

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