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  1. Anyone else completely dosed
  2. Off to Cadet Camp for a week tomorrow
  3. I praise whoever made this design
  4. It was speculated that
  5. You either die a hero
  6. Ugh if only I could redo
  7. Fleetwood Mac
  8. I love you
  9. Currently sitting in a bar in Dublin
  10. Leaving to see Fleetwood Mac in Dublin
  11. e raping raled @bennettjs--s
  13. I need nudes RN
  14. ME with 5 double vodkas down me
  15. I called it who went home on Love Island
  16. The most iconic sound I've ever heard
  17. I just won tickets
  18. Wtf is actually going on in Love Island this year...
  19. The Drama in Love Island Already
  20. Nobody talk to me for 2 months
  21. Yall haven't heard a good mashup
  22. I dont think you're ready
  23. RIP
  24. Challenge Season 34 First Boot
  25. Challenge Season 34 Cast
  26. Sits cute with my brown gemma eyes
  27. I saw a meme with the 8 possible new PM's of UK
  28. Jim Allister being robbed of his seat :(((((((
  29. Ugh why tf is Naomi Long getting the last NI seat
  30. People saying the anti-brexit parties won
  31. Brexit Party really didnt hold shit back
  32. I remember at the club last weekend
  33. Proof is in the cheesecake
  34. Ugh had such a long weekend
  35. Star Support
  36. You've been cheating
  37. Jim Allister is a fucking King
  38. Martina Anderson
  40. Something thats always annoyed me

First proper hunger

Jan 11, 2019 by iiVoloxity
Was happy with my placement still a lot to learn kinda hurt when they rubbed it in my face when I died but whatever its all good. Just wish my final comp wasn鈥檛 deal 馃槵


Where did you come?
Sent by damo1990,Jan 11, 2019
damo1990 10th
Sent by iiVoloxity,Jan 11, 2019
iiVoloxity that is good for your first attempt.
Sent by damo1990,Jan 11, 2019

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