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  1. I did it moms
  2. Omg Im about to take
  3. I sold my soul
  4. First preformal tonight
  5. Omg I just gave blood
  6. Bathsheba is such an icon
  7. The most iconic mashup
  8. Omg Im sitting
  9. Guess who made it onto the schools
  10. Hmmmmmm
  11. As a sign of respect
  12. Yall are some nasty
  13. Lol Im Brad saying
  14. If Shane would've done that to my team
  15. How iconic would it be
  16. Anyone wanna play
  17. One of the most saddest
  18. We all know who needs to be on
  19. Natalie Nunn was actually so robbed
  20. My favourite moment from Final Reckoning
  21. After last nights episode
  22. Undeniably the best Big Brother Exit
  23. Lol me getting 12th
  24. Join clique frooks for a change
  25. I actually cant stand Brad and Kyle
  26. Playing games on this site
  27. Natalie Nunn
  28. The most robbed X Factor Uk
  29. Omg Phi Phi OHARA was on
  30. I had wayyyyyy too many
  31. Actually bastards
  32. Got my AS-LEVEL results
  33. All the best to everyone recieving
  34. Zodiac Sign Ranking
  35. On cam ouija board session?
  36. That scene in ahs asylum
  37. This is it
  38. People really have sad lives
  39. When people try to claim your broke
  40. I only want to see you laughing

The Challenge: Vendettas Episode 10 Rankings

Mar 8, 2018 by iiVoloxity
1. Kam
2. Zach
3. Tony
4. Kayleigh
5. Johnny
6. Cara Maria
7. Natalie
8. Kyle
9. Leroy
10. Nicole
11. Devin
12. Kailah
13. Brad
14. Nelson
15. Britni (only reason she isn’t last is because jemmye is ugly and rough as sin)
16. Jemmye


why is kayleigh not first
agree w last place shes fat
Sent by 2388,Mar 8, 2018
Natalie too low
Sent by hwest14,Mar 8, 2018

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