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pyn for a long dragged ass opinion

6thNov 7, 2021 by iiGalaxyii
will update all!


CrimsonEnnui - king! i feel like when i first started playing group games on here, we'd always be on completely opposite sides and target each other. it kinda made me dislike you for no reason. however, i've grown to like u as a person over the yrs after i saw how kind n sweet u were. u remain positive through everything and i really admire that about u too.

Jessie_ - i feel awful for the way i used to treat you over a FUCKING stars. i'm embarrassed for myself and i want u to know that i was wrong most of the time in the arguments that we had. however, i'm so glad that we made up and put our issues to rest for GOOD. i enjoy reading ur witty responses on different blogs on here. i'm also super thankful that you were so forgiving in our situation. keep being optimistic! 🥺

titoburitto - OUR BEEF OVER A WHITE MAN??? for what. LITERALLY FOR WHAT? i thought u  hated me for years just because i was besties with sweez but i'm glad we were able to talk and slay that white man together. all in all, i think ur one of the funnier users on here. when u slay me, i always get bitter cause ur good at CLOCKING ME AND HITTING ME WHERE IT HURTS. ily tho and hope we can continue to interact more cause u have my dying all the time.

christossss - u hate me and it's beyond weird to me :/ i feel like our problems were so little and over a tg vivor game that you literally VOLUNTEERED to leave. i don't think i belittled u and if i did, those weren't my intentions. i do remember apologizing but i don't think you cared at all. it just sucks to see you make sly comments towards me w other ppl now but ig thats the cycle of friendships! if u ever want to talk our problems out, you can message me. i wish u luck in the future!

DaddyDev - hated king that deserves sm more love on this website. providing entertainment regularly and giving me a good laugh whenever ur in drama. even tho i don't agree with everything u do (because u are cracked sometimes) i still feel like ur someone i can talk to or even work with in a game at any point. zay speaks sooo highly of you as a friend so just know that i admire how much effort and love you put into all ur friendships. u are someone that i'd be open to getting to know more!

GeorgeFlair - hiii...!! um i don't know u at all because ur newer to the site and we've never interacted so i have no idea what to say LOL i think ur one of those rlly funny big brother/survivor stans on twitter so i'm happy we have more of those on here now tho!

sjsoccer88 - king!!!

ParvatiS - DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS. literally so pretty and every pic i see of u, i'm SHOCKED that someone THAT stunning exists. i loved talking with u all the time in priv and getting to know u more. during the months of may/june of this yr i was super sad everyday but ur someone who was able to rlly cheer me up just by reading ur messages. i'm glad we got to know each other more and hope we continue to have other moments like that!

salmaan - the way ur the biggest troll on this website and ppl ALWAYS fall for it. it's so weird. u can comment three words on a blog and have bitches raging. it's so crazy to me. besides that tho, ur HILARIOUS. i'm glad that someone on this website has any interest in my life, it makes me feel appreciated! so thanks for that king. ALSO u are invited to my funeral. it'll be held in egypt so get ur passport ready! i'm ready for our pakistani/egyptian duo era.

BigBrotherDonny - the way i saw u eat that racist up yesterday. i had to mail u n show my appreciation for that! i remember when u tried to get me nominated in the stars that i went unnommed in every single dc. but i still slayed! i think i nommed u like 7 times too LMFAO past games tho, we've always gotten along. we have very similar friends and sense of humor so that's probably why. i have a lot of respect and admiration towards u king :)

Hisoka - there was a week that we got super close to each other n then we just let that all fall apart. it's really sad actually cause i saw us being friends for a long time but xanny's music challenge season 1 kinda KNOCKED THAT SHIT to the FUCKING GROUND! i'm happy we were able to talk through our issues and i am ready to slay all-stars. i hope u can stay true to urself in the future because i do feel like u try to pander to certain people. i know u have a good heart but i hope ur more selective on who u show ur love towards.

Rodulph - idk u at all sorry king!!! ur a designer and ur designs are v PRETTY tho

joey65409 - so glad u were able to get ur stars win. by far one of the most genuine people on here. ive never seen u show any type of hatred towards anyone ONLY kindness. we need more ppl on this site like that cause too much drama and toxicity is awful. i'm so glad that i'm able to call u my friend on here cause u are a KING

Survivor8 - i've seen u in drama lately which rlly isn't like u. i hope ur able to clear everything up with everyone in those situations cause i do think u have great intentions. ur sense of humor gets to me tho cause its like everytime u give me a compliment u gotta clock me twice on something LOL i hope everything in ur personal life works out well. don't stress it because i know all the pieces will fall into right place. even tho tokoyo is a god awful character, i still appreciate ur GOOFY opinions. thanks for being a great friend over the last couple of months and our deep convos will always be remembered.

Maxi1234 - GOD U ARE MY OTHER HALF. i've only ever met a handful of ppl that literally think exactly the same way i do. we literally finish each other sentences all the time and it scares me how well u know me. we've always been friends from the moment i've been on this website but i'm so glad the pandemic brought us even closer. u are someone that i can tell ANYTHING to without thinking you'd  ever judge me. i'll be here every thursday night before a rita song drops because i rlly would do anything for u. i love you sooooooo much and i'm ready to slay xanny's music challenge all-stars with u.

ItsAlexia - i don't know anything about u besides u have had problems with some of my friends in the past before. besides that, you've been so nice to me on the blogs page so i do think you've changed. it just takes time for ppl to recognize that and eventually appreciate it. i wish u the best in the future!

Druhhbby2 - i USED to DESPISE u back when skype games were a thing. i remember being 16 and screaming that u were a terrible person on these calls at like 2 am LMFAO i'm glad we got to play our stars together tho because i got to see a side of u that i don't think many people see. u care so much about the people around u especially ur family so i think it's weird that ppl attack u because u apparently don't care about ur family??? hearing the story of ur life changed my entire perspective on u and it goes to show ya that ppl on here will judge others without even thinking twice about getting to know them. i hope we get to reconnect soon because we had such great heart to hearts!

yoshicoolman - i enjoyed working with u in teaquester minis! u were mean to the all the ppl i disliked in the series LMAO that's really... all! hope ur doing better

skyler1822 - someone i've never had a one on one convo with but i ADMIRE so much. so sweet n smart.  you just radiate positive energy and vibes onto this website which is great. the better doctor on tengaged btw.. ( ADMIR)

MmabatlokoaMolefe - we don't talk regularly but u know i value our friendship a lot. we started working together in orgs and group games in 2018/19 and always slayed together. throughout this time, we shared a lot of laughs and funny moments. you put on a front that u don't give a fuck about other ppl but WE BOTH KNOW THAT'S NOT TRUE. i know ur upset with me at some stuff that happened in turney's game but that doesn't change how i view our relationship. i'll always be a mmaba ally and i'll always be here if you need someone to talk to.

Dracarys - it is true. u do talk about urself all the time and are very self-centered. BUT! BUT! BUT! u also put so much effort in every friendship you have and i don't think people see that! you would DIE for me and i do know that. ur going through rlly difficult times rn with ur personal life but i know you will overcome those challenges. ur the king of eating three meals a day, burning cards in gloomhaven, and going to the gym at 4 am. just remember that cap moons is a good astrology placement tho..

PureEssence - i feel like this is going to be long.... ess... i wanna start out by saying... i love u. despite all these challenges and differences that we faced in the past two months, i know we'll be friends for a long time. i take a lot of fault for a lot of things that happened even tho i don't believe that i did much wrong. it just genuinely hurt me, seeing YOU hurt because you literally only deserve good things out of this world. the pandemic starting is awful but ur one of the only good things that came out of it for me. u don't even understand how THANKFUL i am that u idoled my ass out off a group game. meeting someone with literally the same music taste and interests as me is VERY convenient. i'm sure you'd know!  i'm so excited to further build our beautiful friendship because it means so much to me. yeah thats really it.... ur also rlly hot... ur bf is so lucky...

Lemjam6 - i know for a fact that u and i both know that neither of us expected us to become BEST FRIENDS. but, thanks to eoin the challenges: total madness, we did. jake, i will never get tired of calling u at 5 pm every other day as soon as u get out of ur 9-5 to rant about the dumbest shit ever. i don't get bored of bashing fictional characters with u, it's actually one of my favorite hobbies... a lot of people would love to watch our friendship end but i know that will never happen considering you are one of my only friends that has been there for me throughout EVERY inconvenience ive had in the past year. you give me quite literally... the best advice that i need at any given moment. thank u so much for being a LOYAL friend. also don't forget about this iconic moment and linked us for life:

Andrew will face Jake! #BestieBattle


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