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2024 is my year Dec 29, 2023
My relationships will grow stronger, my career will develop even further, and my mental health will skyrocket to an all-time high. Inshallah.
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my coptic ancestors Dec 22, 2023
looking down at me as i sit on a gay website and blog gay things to gay muslim men on the internet astaghfirullah
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馃 Sep 19, 2023
but every time I check a frooks, it鈥檚 just fendimania premading to make finals and I get sad watching it. My good friend thiii joins games by himself and is still cracking top 20 in the hof in less than 2 years. i have to respect that more than premading with a dripteejay
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馃 Jul 26, 2023
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馃 Mar 31, 2023
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馃 Mar 28, 2023
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