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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I hate being white level

Feb 4, 2024 by icypisces
Casting games are so boring


Get good
Sent by FlashWoods,Feb 4, 2024
They're actually very relaxing and fun if you have the will to win
Sent by JonSnow000,Feb 4, 2024
Exactly this site is shit now
Sent by Haliem24,Feb 4, 2024
And you are gonna stay white
Sent by Diancie,Feb 5, 2024
Diancie jsjaiwkwjw I KNOW probably
Sent by icypisces,Feb 5, 2024
Nah, you don't, it's just a game and i'm not mad, just wanted to spice things a little bit icypisces
Sent by Diancie,Feb 5, 2024
They can be fun, Icy. You just need to find THE drama.
Sent by Rusevv,Mar 2, 2024

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