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  1. Reem Daly.
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  3. Reem Daly.
  4. what did I say girls
  5. the minute nathan takes a stars pic in a tank top
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  7. throwback to this ICONIC tengaged moment
  9. I’m Mmabatlokoa Molefe
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  11. this is literally the first time in years
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  23. Reem Daly.
  24. Reem Daly.
  25. Reem Daly.
  26. Reem Daly.
  27. Reem Daly.
  28. so uh
  29. stars winner k4r4k called me charismatic
  30. im honestly appalled
  31. Reem Daly.
  32. daily reminder this blog exists
  33. Reem Daly.
  34. Reem Daly.
  35. she played the best game this season anyways
  36. let's play a game it's called
  37. someone called me a dick
  38. This is my first stars since 2012
  39. are avengers endgame tickets a myth
  40. Reem Daly.

so uh

Apr 13, 2019 by ianfitz0012
are lemonface and I the prince and princess of 2012 tengaged?

king and queen are both shayybayy of course


Pretty sure I came & puked that year so I’d move over sis
Sent by mikec51,Apr 13, 2019

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