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55 Questions

Apr 24, 2018 by ianfitz0012
1. Sexual Orientation - Gay
2. What I'm really bad at - being straight
3. Celebrity I'd fuck - Tom Holland
4. Best First Date - we went to a rooftop bar in LA and then hooked up in an alley after lmao
5. Description of my self esteem - idk how about you ask it
6. Best Friend's Name - Jessica Chastain
7. Favorite Book - any Harry Potter, duh
8. Biggest Turn Off - GAUGED EARRINGS... BYE!
9. Description of my Best Friend - should've won an Oscar for Miss Sloane
10. Favorite Animal - pussy
11. Someone I miss - shayybayy she's not on call with me rn
12. Reason Behind My Last Breakup - we never were in a relationship
13. What I did yesterday - first day at work ;)
14. Greatest Achievement - probably eagle scout
15. Description of who I dislike the most - our current president
16. Favorite Song - Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson
17. How my last kiss went down - you do not want to know... I left
18. What I find attractive in the preferred sex - making me laugh while being toned
19. Pets - not any at my house
20. Favorite ice cream flavor - coconut
21. Where I want to be right now - in shayybayy's bedroom
22. Worst thing someone said to me - something austin said
24. I'll love you if... - you do not drop me off at the T station
25. Future plans - I have tickets to see Avengers: Infinity War on thursday and after that who the fuck knows
26. An internal conflict I have - do I out my relationship with milkisgood to the public
27. What I'm doing tomorrow - going to work
28. Most embarrassing moment - absolutely fucking up a piano recital
29. Two insecurities - I want to be more toned and I think I'm not that smart
30. If I won the lottery - I guess I'd help people
31. Description of my crush - been teasing me for 6 months and counting
32. Favorite thing about myself - my eyebrows are great
33. Pet Peeves - that dumbass sound that people make with straws when there is no drink left
34. Bands I've seen Live - Carly Rae Jepsen and whoever the fuck her band was and that's all that matters thanks! tea
35. Do you want kids? How many? - maybe, no idea, stop trying to wife me
36. My idea of a perfect date - April 25th, because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!
37. What I'm really good at - not getting attention
38. Most traumatic experience - pretending to be straight before college
39. Where I'd like to live - west hollywood - WeHo ;)
40. Nicest thing said to me - I love your confidence (because I didn't realize I was confident until someone told me that)
41. Do I like where I am now? - nope because my bed is empty shayybayy
42. What can I hear right now - aquamarine being a dumbass
43. Relationship with siblings - they're cool, i'm cooler
44. Biggest worry - failure in general
46. Relationship with parents - see 43
47. Something I should've said a long time ago - I'm gay
48. Last text message received - "ian u wanna order the pizza now? so we don't have to wait that long for it"
49. Last text message sent - "are u guys driving or ubering"
50. What I hate most about myself - I've done some stupid mean shit as a kid and I wish I could take it all back
51. Biggest turn ons - I used to have a thing for underwear, kinda over it now, but like... men I guess
52. Words that upset me - meghan trainor didn't deserve her grammy
53. What I'm wearing - omg u cheeky thing! jeans and a t-shirt ;)
54. Last thing I ate - an apple
55. Last thing I drank - water

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