Big Brother and online Hunger games.

10thApr 13, 2019 by iYBF


thats a premade sister...
Sent by yoshicoolman,Apr 13, 2019
Yogs snapped.
Sent by DaddyDev,Apr 13, 2019
Sent by lexeyjane,Apr 13, 2019
As if you didn't just join with a premade too Yoshicoolman
Sent by bamold1999,Apr 13, 2019
You didn’t turn on Elise nor Tyler. I actually had to get to know people and work harder than you. Had the premade not exist. I wouldn’t have stood a chance.
Sent by YogscastBigbrother21,Apr 13, 2019
tony just stop
Sent by Hash,Apr 13, 2019
YogscastBigbrother21 I NOMINATED ELISE THREE TIMES????

Also, you literally refused to talk to people when you were upset with them and had NO IDEA what was going on in the game. Bye don't address me you fucking numbskull.
Sent by iYBF,Apr 13, 2019
Sent by levonini,Apr 13, 2019
You missed the part where you sheeped Bamold to the point where you allowed yourself to go unnommed with him. Case closed you deserve a huge L
Sent by EyooMarcus,Apr 13, 2019
I knew perfectly well what was going on 80% of the time thank you very much.
Sent by YogscastBigbrother21,Apr 13, 2019

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