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1stFeb 8, 2019 by iYBF


hes cheating. drop him and move on
Sent by paul028,Feb 8, 2019
He re-downloaded Tinder last night to show his friend his old profile because she was asking him for advice on her bio & stuff.
Sent by FighterMan,Feb 8, 2019
Or maybe he showed his friend his tinder bio too!
Sent by IceBeast,Feb 8, 2019
hes cheating. drop him and move onto winner132's dick
Sent by EmzThorne,Feb 8, 2019
Your first mistake was using tinder.
Hope everything works out for you tho
Sent by Fetish,Feb 8, 2019
Tengaged certainly isn’t the right forum to ask but you have to ask yourself is this going to forever make you wonder about him. If the answer is yes, end it now. If the answer is no, talk to him about it like an adult and see if he has a reasonable explanation that you can accept.
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 8, 2019
Ok based on the edit...move on.
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 8, 2019
Good luck with this. :O
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 8, 2019
Confront him
Sent by BBlover96,Feb 8, 2019
id say leave him :/ you deserve better than this anthony ilyyy
Sent by Thumper91,Feb 8, 2019
might not be cheating but def is looking
Sent by Hash,Feb 8, 2019
Why would he cheat on you? Lame
Sent by WannaBeeFriends,Feb 8, 2019
Anthony... I'd bring it up to him. He doesn't know you know this, he doesn't know how you're feeling so just tell him the story. Ask him why he re-downloaded tindr. Maybe he has a friend that he only speaks to on Tindr? Don't assume the worst yet.
Sent by Nightcore,Feb 8, 2019
this is why I would never date a military gay
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Feb 8, 2019
"Is he cheating?"
"EDIT: he's pulled this shit before too when he went home to Maryland over break and re-downloaded Tinder to talk to guys, so it isn't beyond him to do this."
Sent by MJFJUNE,Feb 8, 2019
iYBF also like, coming from someone who is in a relationship now...

like you're so young and in college AND in an area that has a lot of gays (or at least more comfortable for gays to be open there), you should really consider just exploring what is out there and figuring out who you are as a gay man VERSUS trying to hold yourself back in a relationship.

obvi you're a good looking guy so it's not like you'll have trouble finding guys anyways. just go out, have fun, and don't worry about men who think with their penis and not with their brain
Sent by DanielKennedy111,Feb 8, 2019
I agree 100% with what DanielKennedy111 said
Sent by Dusty12910,Feb 8, 2019
I agree with aquamarine lol
Sent by EyooMarcus,Feb 8, 2019
ok IYBF speaking from someone whose now in a year long relationship from Tinder, if you don't drop him now, you're not gonna find a hotter guy sooner that won't do that to you.
Sent by Allison,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Feb 8, 2019
drop him for willie_
Sent by Vlad21,Feb 8, 2019
Definitely shopping around
Sent by Kaylabby,Feb 8, 2019
drop him
Sent by immaxyman,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Feb 8, 2019
how could u do this ethan000
Sent by NotNicky333,Feb 8, 2019
Maybe he just forgot to ever delete it, I really don’t know but I’m sorry you’re going through this :(
Sent by Mitchkid64,Feb 8, 2019
confront him tbh, you cant be sure with this info
Sent by BritishRomeo17,Feb 8, 2019
wow, it doesn't look good :/ I would ask him about it; if he doesn't have a reasonable explanation, then move on
Sent by skyler1822,Feb 8, 2019
If you have to ask, you already know the answer.
Sent by Scononduders,Feb 8, 2019
Girl drop him. I spent way too long with a cheater and wish I hadn’t wasted so much time
Sent by tharealmike,Feb 8, 2019
i mean u might as well stay, u arent guna get anyone else lmfao
Sent by levonini,Feb 8, 2019
Even if he isn’t cheating you don’t trust him so it’s doomed to fail regardless
Sent by kwiens18,Feb 8, 2019
From friend to friend I feel like you know better than to invest any time or energy into something that he clearly doesn't care about lmao he literally already did this?
Sent by Notsae,Feb 8, 2019
you a weak ass bitch if you stay in that relationship
Sent by Zuelke,Feb 8, 2019
yeah but you re downloaded it too LOL
Sent by LoveLife,Feb 8, 2019
What DK said
Sent by NexusCain,Feb 8, 2019
considering his past actions, it ain't looking good lmao but you should talk to him before assuming something and if he denies it and youre still insecure about it then its time to hit it
Sent by sihz,Feb 8, 2019
It seems pretty shady tbh bud, might have to sit down and have a heart to heart chat with him!
Sent by jussy007,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by Eaurea,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by PoisonedHeart,Feb 8, 2019
thank u, next
Sent by Insanity,Feb 8, 2019
Girl don’t jump the gun.

It looks shady as hell TBQH, but like you’re gonna look extra mf crazy if you make a scene and you’re loud and wrong. Then you’ll be loud, wrong, and single, like the rest of tengaged.
Obviously you won’t see him for a while? Just FaceTime and tell the truth and if you don’t like his answer hang up the phone, thank you next, Ariana.
Sent by RiDsTeR,Feb 8, 2019
Girl he has been known to do this? Leave him lol
Sent by Brandonator,Feb 8, 2019
He’s a whore
Sent by shawnpat7,Feb 8, 2019
i see him on instagram!!! hes ugly drop him!!!
Sent by rawr121,Feb 9, 2019
Ask him
Sent by Josh742,Feb 9, 2019
Sent by Puakai,Feb 9, 2019
Sent by CutieAmy,Feb 9, 2019
might not be cheating but def is looking
Sent by Hash,Feb 8, 2019

might not be cheating but def is looking
Sent by Hash,Feb 8, 2019

might not be cheating but def is looking
Sent by Hash,Feb 8, 2019
Sent by Pookiie,Feb 9, 2019
Receipts point towards yes.
Sent by iScotty,Feb 9, 2019
Why would you wanna be in a relationship with someone like that?
I'd be so drained from worrying all time, or going off on them.

Look up signs of an abusive relationship and see if any of those ring true.
Sent by SpiderBoom,Feb 9, 2019
EDIT: he's pulled this shit before too when he went home to Maryland over break and re-downloaded Tinder to talk to guys, so it isn't beyond him to do this.

Fucked you once shame on him
Fucked you twice...SHAME ON YOU for even giving someone that chance
Sent by gagaluv,Feb 9, 2019
love you anthony but remember what i told you "once a cheater..."
Sent by Mikeyminaj,Feb 9, 2019
Why don’t I get why this means he’s cheating
Like it’s 2 miles off
Sent by temponeptune,Feb 9, 2019

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