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  1. Annoying > Boring
  2. I spoke to the devil in Miami,
  3. This is the worst season of big brother ever
  4. I’m a wannabe drug addict
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  6. I'm barely on Tengaged???
  7. Whether or not
  8. In My Head,
  9. I dislike you
  10. No one that matters dislikes me.
  11. Tragedy
  12. Democrats and Republicans
  13. Sick of the Hypocrisy
  14. I don't hate gays,
  15. Sexuality is a choice
  16. Listen to my new song.
  17. Can't go to my house
  18. Goodbye </3
  19. You guys are the perfect example
  21. I won the World Series without Multi's
  22. Banned Stars = #Tanacon
  23. I'm So Disappointed.
  24. LiL iTy - Drake Diss[Official Music Video]
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  28. Imagine spending 300 T's
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  31. Ghost Island Stars > Banned Stars
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  33. I don't give a fuck I keep it real
  34. Has anyone even been banned for designs?
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  37. My Angers a Liar
  38. You're not the only one to blame,
  39. The King of Nothing.
  40. She Took My Heart & Left Me Lonely

Sick of the Hypocrisy

Jul 8, 2019 by iTy990
Eoin claims to be against multi's and hacking but he's best friends with some of the most guilty parties.

Save me if you're against cheating aswell as people taking things to disgusting lengths in order to get a few laughs.


Posting opinionated blogs while in a stars game is never a good idea though.
Especially when it's on tengaged and about sexuality being a choice, LMAO.
Sent by KelvinKumbie,Jul 8, 2019
KelvinKumbie what can I say I spill tea for a living.
Sent by iTy990,Jul 8, 2019
Bitch who
Sent by Eoin,Jul 8, 2019

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