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  1. This explains a lot
  2. This explains a lot
  3. Why are you so obsessed with me?
  4. Call me a sinner
  5. Did anyone miss me?
  6. Annoying > Boring
  7. I spoke to the devil in Miami,
  8. This is the worst season of big brother ever
  9. I’m a wannabe drug addict
  10. The worst tengagers
  11. I'm barely on Tengaged???
  12. Whether or not
  13. In My Head,
  14. I dislike you
  15. No one that matters dislikes me.
  16. Tragedy
  17. Democrats and Republicans
  18. Sick of the Hypocrisy
  19. I don't hate gays,
  20. Sexuality is a choice
  21. Listen to my new song.
  22. Can't go to my house
  23. Goodbye </3
  24. You guys are the perfect example
  26. I won the World Series without Multi's
  27. Banned Stars = #Tanacon
  28. I'm So Disappointed.
  29. LiL iTy - Drake Diss[Official Music Video]
  30. I'm Annoyed
  31. MODERATION - ???
  32. Stars Support
  33. Imagine spending 300 T's
  34. Popular Opinion
  35. Apology
  36. Ghost Island Stars > Banned Stars
  37. Like
  38. I don't give a fuck I keep it real
  39. Has anyone even been banned for designs?
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LiL iTy - Drake Diss[Official Music Video]

Jul 22, 2018 by iTy990
Keeping up with the diss track game
Tagging some Drake Fans
who else?


"How you gonna rip my song,
then try to call me out,
Funny how quick you noticed,
Guess it's what it's all about,
Prolly gon get hate,
I don't ever let it phase me,
Time to step up pops,
Tell the world you got a baby,
Speaking bout your own kid,
How you say you weren't hiding,
Guess there's snakes in the grass,
No Keke ain't riding,
Why is everyone scared?
Is it cuz you got money?
I don't even care,
I just think that it's funny,

We don't take no L's Bitch [X100]

This dude really lame bro,
How you gonna rip off my song?
and think I'm not gonna snap back?


Tell your shooters come and get me!

This is a joke just like everything else I do lmao.


I can’t wait to listen :D

A certain someone had all her batshit crazy friends message Admin constantly until he blacklisted me for "harassment". But she had 5 of her friends attack me on skype last night. There is no justice here. Please spread the word.
Sent by Philip13,Jul 22, 2018
Thoughts on eyoomarcus ending your career with one snippet
Sent by peace123,Jul 22, 2018

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