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My Opinion

Jul 17, 2018 by iTy990
This is not to be slanderous, I just want to say Minie's only moved on in the past from getting hackers like @Maybelline and @Ametrine to sell T's for IRL Money from hacked accounts to support her shop.

It just appears to me like Admin was getting pressured into punishing Minie, and decided to punish Cswaggerr aswell to limit Minie's Psycho.


As much as I agree this is messy, those were not hacks. etienne gifted instagram cause paid him a lot of irl $$. It was confirmed too.
Sent by FighterMan,Jul 17, 2018
A fraud.
Sent by iScotty,Jul 17, 2018
They both posted illegal designs, it's a shame Swagger did also or Minie would be DONE.
Sent by Chic,Jul 17, 2018
I had permission for all my designs chic
Sent by cswaggerr,Jul 17, 2018
FighterMan selling T's for money is illegal anyways and she told me her friend was selling T's for Dirt Cheap.
Sent by iTy990,Jul 17, 2018
It's nothing to do with permission Cswaggerr the designs were illegal.
Sent by Chic,Jul 17, 2018
And handmaids tale adm8n specifically gave me permission to post chic
Sent by cswaggerr,Jul 17, 2018
Well that's strange, they shouldn't have done that and then changed their mind - but it is an illegal design as it should have been 2 seperate designs Cswaggerr
Sent by Chic,Jul 17, 2018
Lol hun ameteine has ever bought 1 design from me and maybelline was not even able to help me gift ur fkn delusionAl ! My shop was almost sold out this time too ! I never had help of hackers but ty for trying
Sent by Minie,Jul 17, 2018
Also hun it wasn’t a lot of money Matt paid less than $5 per design fighterman
Sent by Minie,Jul 17, 2018

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