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13thJun 8, 2018 by iTy990
It's almost been exactly a year since JordanLloydFan had this to say about Ametrine:

15th - Conjow: You have been a pain in my ass this whole game both inside and outside of it. You flopped in here, and you flopped saving yourself with all your damn multis. You're a disgusting cheater and I have no respect for you, expect a nice vlog about you and I already mailed randomize all the names of all the multi accounts I know that you own. Giving you 15th was one of the highlights in this game for me. Deleting you on skype as soon as this message posts :D

How fucking accurate, it's almost a shame JLF lost to Hujain. ALMOST...

BTW, Ametrine actually used his multi's for JLF to win, and I found out and used the 10 I had left for Hunter. #NoRegrats

After JLF had that to say about him he pretended he was behind it.


Conjow is ametrine? O.o
Sent by Babeeeidah,Jun 8, 2018
Babeeeidah that was one of the first accounts he hacked.
Ametrine you wanna talk shit about how I held Rizzo over Justin's head, FUCK NO that's not even close to the case. I actually felt really bad about you hacking it because I figured YOU'D be holding it over his head, but nah not really. You just GAVE IT AWAY TO SOMEONE ELSE.

What a fucking joke, you have no friends.
Sent by iTy990,Jun 8, 2018
Legend king
Sent by danyyboy67,Jun 8, 2018
ity990 who is "hunter" you are referring to
Sent by blogs,Jun 8, 2018

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