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  1. Bullshit
  2. This Article Title is My Life.
  3. Me IRL
  4. Stars Vlog!(Nommed for 6th)
  5. 10 Minutes,
  6. XXXTentacion>>>Drake
  7. Baby I don't Understand This,
  8. LMAO
  9. Twitch Overall is just wack.
  10. Got a New Job <3.
  11. I hope you never see me again</3
  12. Stars Winner List.
  13. We've been without .es and so Long.
  15. It's confirmed.
  16. I always judge fake people too.
  17. I don't understand how tf my Plug Talk.
  18. So this happened today...
  19. These boys don't like me
  20. Autistic people are smart.
  21. It's so wrong.
  22. Hitler.
  23. It really couldve been
  24. All Religion is Fake.
  25. If Lady Gaga came out in a Hijab
  26. LMAO
  27. I love being a Toxic Person sometimes.
  28. RasCity the type of dude
  29. What a loser.
  30. Me when I have exactly 420 Mails.
  31. There's something beautiful
  32. I hate you.
  33. Avi Rates are meaningless.
  34. I know this will Stay at +15
  35. I want to die
  36. No faith in Brooklyn.
  37. Flavoring is nothing but a Myth anyways.
  38. You can't be Flavored.
  39. This was my Anthem.
  40. Am I better off dead?

What a loser.

Mar 8, 2018 by iTy990
Jenzie having her 10 year old stars wins on her profile.

Like when will you get that only losers care about stars and youll never be able to sustain a successful career because of them.


#ThisWasAJoke #PlzSpareMe
Sent by iTy990,Mar 8, 2018
I rather have a 10 yr old stars win than new ones with multis

Mine were won the real way! xo
Sent by jenzie,Mar 8, 2018
didn't u spend hours using multis to vote urself in stars and then call others losers
Sent by FighterMan,Mar 8, 2018

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