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  1. Tengaged needs some promo
  2. OMG!
  3. Shoppers
  4. Am I NeNe Leakes?
  6. Sunglasses and coat - 200/180T$
  7. Ungaro in shops:
  8. Gift lovers
  9. Cheap hair - $T180
  10. Future shoppers
  11. Thank U, Next
  12. Is she the meanest?
  13. Hello.
  14. Men of tengaged.
  15. Afternoon to everyone.
  16. Most iconic BB moment?
  17. Have you ever dreamed of wearing
  18. Attention darlings
  19. Darlings
  20. Some Girls
  21. Superstar
  22. New Weave Color! [POLL]
  23. Look who arrived.
  24. Only a 14 year old..
  25. We did it girls!
  26. A mess
  27. Buy ONE, get ONE free!
  28. This is how you try to move on hoe?
  29. BY THE WAY!
  30. Taking design commissions
  31. I'm not a wandering cat..
  32. Is AURA the QOK?
  34. Stupid bitch.
  35. Dead.
  36. POLL!
  37. Do I look like Kenya Moore?
  38. The most opulent fur on earth.
  39. Something for hunger lovers:
  40. Orange Gownty.

Buy ONE, get ONE free!

1stOct 16, 2019 by iScotty
I’m doing another BOGOF. Purchase one and you’ll be added on the list for gifts from my gift shops. ASK THE PEOPLE FROM LAST BOGOF AND THEY’ll TELL YOU THAT THEY GOT THEIR GIFTS QUICKT!


Post female skin iScotty <3
Sent by Yonaka,Oct 16, 2019
Does me buying the hair and eyes count for the buy one get one free? cause i bought both of those earlier this week.
Sent by Megan,Oct 16, 2019
No but I will gift you for support :) Megan
Sent by iScotty,Oct 16, 2019

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