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Killer Vogue - Week 1 Complete!

May 25, 2018 by iScotty
imageHello all.  I'm 98% sure I'm moving on, but it's all thanks to the public of tengaged for buying and supporting me. I did gift my last stock but It's because I might not get the chance to do that ever.

I hope next week is a gifting/easy week, so I can post more glamorous items for cheap so the public can buy. Thank you all for buying again.

Also, if you have any requests for male designs (NOT Pokemon hoodies), let me know! I have some up sleeve for sales next week, but not sure if it will sell.

#KillerVogue #Shops


Like, great!
Sent by Chic,May 25, 2018
grats, keep posting good stuff
Sent by Ari_,May 25, 2018

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