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You people are trash.

7thMay 9, 2018 by iScotty
I'm done making new stuff for this site honestly, unless my friends want stuff.

This wasn't even a gift thing, it was really bitchy of you maturo. All this + spending all that real life money just to move on. That's sad.


Sad. Really, Joe? Pissing off someone 5 years older than you since you stole their virtual design?
Sent by maturo,May 9, 2018
Imagine being your parents and having their waste of sperm spend their hard-earned money on a shopping game on a website. Tragic! maturo
Sent by iScotty,May 9, 2018
Yes I’m a waste of sperm for “stealing a virtual design”
Sent by maturo,May 9, 2018
I'll never return to the shops game due to trash like this. Thankfully my shop didn't suffer like this when it was open.
Sent by _Aria,May 9, 2018
That wasn't even necessary Maturo. You just did it to be a cunt.
Sent by SexGoddx,May 9, 2018
Imagine using your age as an excuse for being a cunt when you’re 20...
Sent by Fetish,May 9, 2018
Lots of people steal designs, but that was just petty and disgusting. I spent all that time making it so my friend could move on in shops. maturo
Sent by iScotty,May 9, 2018
How'd he get the png or did he crop it
Sent by Piddu,May 9, 2018
You’ve been giving me a hard time all week about spending MY MONEY not my parents money but MY MONEY on my shop. Not my fault I’m beating you... sexgoddx
Sent by maturo,May 9, 2018
^ You should have spent more of your parents' money then, instead of being a cunt.
Sent by iScotty,May 9, 2018

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