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Not being insensitive to the devastating occurrence,

May 23, 2017 by iGoddess
As I lived in the UK for 7 years, and went to Manchester many times -- but there's children, families affected by bombings in smaller countries and we hear NOTHING of it in the media. Families torn apart, children left orphans, if not their lives taken. So where is their coverage on the media? Do their lives not matter as much as the European countries? Because that is all they cover, or areas where possible Europeans could be involved in vacation etc.

So what about THOSE lives we don't hear about being taken, something happening EVERY single day, in where our countries are responsible for taking them.

Just an opinion anywho.
Ps. I'm European myself.


They do get coverage in their countries
Sent by Cinema,May 23, 2017
Cinema -- of course, but what good is it only them knowing? I mean sure, they have to know about their surroundings and it's a constant fight for survival everyday. In that sense, their coverage is to make sure they survive.

But the coverage I'm talking about is for the countries involved, our countries on the outside. To see what's being done. There was the #PrayForParis thing going on, then there was Belgium, now Manchester, and the list goes on.

That's 1 or 2 isolated incidents in these countries, meanwhile, the smaller countries or non-European countries have these incidents people consider horrifying and unjustifiable, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just trying to measure up the scale between these, if you understand what I mean by 'coverage'. Not for fame, not for sympathy, but for education and awareness.
Sent by iGoddess,May 23, 2017
iGoddess I mean of course
people didn't give a shit about St Petersburg either when it happened
but we can't give coverage to everything that happens, we learn about airstrikes everyday but not the human cost

People pay attention to things like the paris attacks, manchester, belgium, etc because you don't expect it to happen there. You don't expect paris to be a war zone. Sadly, you expect the middle east to be a war zone, seeing as there is very rarely peace there.
Sent by Cinema,May 23, 2017
Cinema I completely comprehend what you mean, but in place of 'celebrity coverage', and all this other useless junk of media, we could have just enough room to know the 'human cost' as you put it! Sure we don't expect it as much, but it's just.. unnerving to know there's other children and families in the same predicaments as these people in these incidents, and they don't get that respect -- like you said, it's 'expected' to be war zones. Makes sense?
Sent by iGoddess,May 23, 2017

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