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My Oceana // Shark Lokai

May 12, 2017 by iGoddess
imageBlack bead with the mud of the dead sea got a puncture in it, so I can no longer wear it :c It's so weird because I've had 2 others much longer and other than washed out colours from sea water, showers, etc.. they've been fabulous so far, DON'T JINX ME.

So I've ordered their current one which finishes in 5 days, I'm all in for trees and the planet. Nothing like a good cabin in the woods, no wifi, good coffee and either good company or your own company with nothing but the sound of wild life around.

Ps. Once I receive these I never take them off, I had the Oceana one almost for a year :c ! I wanna preserve the mud, which is such a unique part of it, other than burst it out and wear it. It's not the same!

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