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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Did we ever figure out

Apr 8, 2021 by hwest14
Is there benefit to having >1 key in castings??? Or can I stop stalking now

Galaxies 3pi14159 @ anyone else who may know ? randomize


It depends on the situation you are in
Sent by Hunty,Apr 8, 2021
you need to have majority of 2 things :

most keys
best overall comps
most checks

if I were u id keep stalking for them haha
Sent by Seann,Apr 8, 2021
Keys literally keep you off the block. It's good to have numerous if many castmates have keys
Sent by jakehou97,Apr 8, 2021
Have like at least 3 keys and try to get the highest check possible, with a good comps score.
Keys will help you avoiding the block. But check and comps will determine your final placement.
So just focus on your checks, once you get enough keys (at least 3)
Sent by Midiaw,Apr 8, 2021
The # of keys you have are kinda like the tiebreak
Sent by 3pi14159,Apr 8, 2021

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