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  2. Are there mods here now
  3. Waste of time
  4. Lil Wayne did not deserve that
  5. How do we feel about
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  9. Rip Dani Cimorelli :/
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  13. Who are we rooting for in winners at war
  14. Hey I’m Houston =]
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  19. Did anyone watch the circle??
  20. Hey I’m Houston =]
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  23. Just watched last nights survivor
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  26. Why don’t people play hunger now ?
  27. Why is Jackson last on jokers
  28. Jackson DESERVES to win
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Did anyone watch the circle??

Nov 27, 2019 by hwest14
I just found it like 3 weeks ago and watched the whole 2nd season!
How do y’all feel about the Season 2 winner? I thought he was my least favorite out of the finalists by FAR, and I really thought Georgina should have won :/

What was the reaction when people were watching live??

I also loved Beth/Jack as Joyce, Brooke, and I liked Ella and Woody when they weren’t sheeping Tim

Overall GREAT show / concept and I read that it’s coming at some point to the US so that’s fun 😁


Sent by Decisions,Nov 27, 2019
OMG my thoughts exactly :D.

I literally found it 5 days ago.. finished it 2 days ago.
Georgina was ROBBED!
Sent by JetsRock12,Nov 27, 2019

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