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  2. Are there mods here now
  3. Waste of time
  4. Lil Wayne did not deserve that
  5. How do we feel about
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  9. Rip Dani Cimorelli :/
  10. Is it time for a frooks
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  13. Who are we rooting for in winners at war
  14. Hey I’m Houston =]
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  19. Did anyone watch the circle??
  20. Hey I’m Houston =]
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  22. Can we fill a frookies
  23. Just watched last nights survivor
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  25. How wild is it
  26. Why don’t people play hunger now ?
  27. Why is Jackson last on jokers
  28. Jackson DESERVES to win
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  38. If kat goes this week
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  40. Honestly

Just watched last nights survivor

Nov 14, 2019 by hwest14
I think the ONLY people who did nothing wrong this episode were Dean & Kellee
Everyone else acted soooo bad at one point or another


Janet didn't act bad whatsoever!
Sent by Daylight,Nov 14, 2019
I mean even if she had good intentions she still was the person who exposed Kellee & Elizabeth etcs stories

Even if Elizabeth and Missy really did feel uncomfortable and confide in Janet about it, she shouldn’t have exposed that to dan

People shouldn’t be FORCED to admit their uncomfortability in front of their abuser (even though Elizabeth and missy weren’t really victimized like they said... IF they were then Janet would not have helped)

Sent by hwest14,Nov 14, 2019
What about noura?
Sent by dwipeouts,Nov 14, 2019
What did Noura, Jamal, Karishma and Elaine do?
Sent by NewNightmare7,Nov 14, 2019

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