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  1. Hey
  2. How do you know
  3. Rip Dani Cimorelli :/
  4. Is it time for a frooks
  5. PYN
  6. PYN
  7. Who are we rooting for in winners at war
  8. Hey I’m Houston =]
  9. PYN
  10. Post your name
  11. PYN
  12. Hey
  13. Did anyone watch the circle??
  14. Hey I’m Houston =]
  15. PYN
  16. Can we fill a frookies
  17. Just watched last nights survivor
  18. PYN
  19. How wild is it
  20. Why don’t people play hunger now ?
  21. Why is Jackson last on jokers
  22. Jackson DESERVES to win
  24. Hey I’m Houston =]
  26. BB Cast Rankings
  27. PYN
  28. PYN
  30. PYN
  31. BB21 Rankings
  32. If kat goes this week
  33. Does anyone else
  34. Honestly
  35. Hey I’m Houston =]]
  36. PYN
  37. Sorry but
  38. Just passed my best ranking
  39. Never watched ex on the beach
  40. Voting the following for the field trip:

Does anyone else

Aug 9, 2019 by hwest14
HATE underdog stories
I largely respect people who are able to gain power at the start of the season and maintain it..


Sent by JetsRock12,Aug 9, 2019
oh i do hate them especially because everyone else loves them
Sent by Lemjam6,Aug 9, 2019
hey babe
Sent by etaco75,Aug 9, 2019
oh i do hate them especially because everyone else loves them
Sent by Ribbons,Aug 9, 2019
depends on the person's situation tbh. Like if their alliance was in winning in the beginning then an alliance member jumps ships leaving the underdog as the sole survivor and they go on a rampage winning comps then yeah. But if one major alliance is controlling the game and there is a lame ass person who is just the last one standing like... ew
Sent by Dracarys,Aug 9, 2019

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