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Nice Things People Have Said About Me

Nov 26, 2010 by hwest14
Kaitlin :* - Houston :) I'm not sure where to start with you! We have been through sooo much. I really miss last summer when we had the morning crew and me and you would be fastings final 2 :( Then after that we have pretty much been best friends! :) Your texts last night pretty much made my night so thank you :). I love all our secret texts with each other but shh don't tell. Please never leave my life. I love you :)p

Foxox :) - hwest14 - My insta f2. We only met recently but I already fell in love with you. You're so perfect and ugh. Everything.

Quinn- hwest14 - Um... read my profile. You are my best friend. Ever since you commented on my random first blog millions of years ago (4 months), we have talked, texted, and joked about how ugly you really are. We have waaaaaaay too many things in common and I swear you must really be my twin :/ Hope you had fun at your prom last night! :D (I made you last cuz you asked haha)

Ian - Houstooooooon!!! Ok so we literally became bffs like a week ago LOL, but it seems like we've been bffs forever! You're super super sweet and awesome and cute and adorable and really fun to talk to and such :3 I can't wait to see how our bffriendship progresses and see how close we end up. Ily Houston, ~ u rock dont ever change ~ < 33 :*

Steven =] - Houston, you are very hot, and that is the only reason I'm dating you. But it's a big plus that you're also really nice to me and that you're easy to get along with and overall a fun guy! Please keep on telling me how pretty I am and pretty pretty please with a cherry on top send me more sneak peeks! <3 luv u bf happy 2 yearsz!

Anthony =] - hwest14 you are one of my highlights of meeting in stars, you are one of the most genuine people i have met on this site in a while, and i am glad that i can call you a friend at the end of the day. it's worth more than any game to me.

Anonymous -Hwest14 - "In his days canoodling with the noob alliance he was but an innocent newbie getting his footing through quick rookies [not frookies] with the likes of owee, kimmal8, lemonface, thekid28, etc. He's grown into quite the t-whore with friends around every corner, and from what I hear some have grown into MORE than friends. Overall cool guy!"

Jacob <3 -Houston you're an amazing person, you're the farthest thing from a screw up. I love you, and I know this probably isn't what you wanna hear, but you made me a very happy person, and I'm sure you do that to everyone that knows you. You're so sweet, and not to sound cliche, but you're the perfect southern gentleman :P You're smart, funny, cute, caring, and you deserve a better life if you're not happy.

Steel - Houston I love you! our straight lover relationship that blossomed in that charity we met in turned out to be really cool since you have a great personality. i'm sure we would make great survivor buddies if we ever decided to join together ;) but yeah, you're a really kind person and i'm glad we're friends.

MinsiKid- UGH houston I love you so much :) you have always had my back and stood by me and been an AMAZING friend, thank you for showing me all your friendship :) Grats!
Sent by MinsiKid,Mar 7, 2011

Owee13-Houston. I just want you to know, that i am so so so so proud of you... Youre an amazing friend. Youre so loyal, so fun, so amazing. I dont know what id do without you. I love you so much. :)
Congratulations. <3
Sent by owee13,Mar 7, 2011Delete comment

James <3-Houston- You're getting yours done early. You should know by now how much I love ya. You're my best friend, someone i love talking to. You have always helped me with any problem I have had, and I hope i've done the same for you :S. I find a lot in common with you and I always have a lot of fun when We're playing together or on call or whatever it may be. I'm really going to miss you during the summer, and once again, you pretty much fixed me. You made me happy with myself again :) and you built up my self confidence, this has impacted me in real life as well :). You're an amazing person Houston :)

Kimmal8-hwest- omggggggg theres so much i could say about you. to be general- IFLY houston. You ALWAYS know how to brighten my day! Youre so caring for your friends and will do anything to have their back when they need someone! Im so proud of your accomplishments on here too! We are both original noobs and u are such an amazing friend words cant describe <3

Lemonface: no matter how much i make fun of you, i hope you know i love you :P you're one of my oldest friends on the site and i don't think tengaged would have been the same for me without you! you're sweet and i love your accent ^.^

MoooCoww: hwest14 - Hey babe! I miss you alot. :( We use to join alot of games and spoke very regularly! I think we joined the site around the same time so we have been friends for quite along time now! :D I love and think alot of you.. You are such a happy and positive person who is very loyal esp in the game we have played together! :D I honestly can't think of a bad word to say against you! Let's talk soon ok! :* xx

TheJoe: hwest14 - I've never met someone with so much Respect and so much... Kindness and just amazing as you are. You're honestly incredible and I'm really glad that we are friends!

amartin: to hwest14
Houston, we have a problem.
Lol okay i'm sorry but i really wanted to do that :l
Anywayssss. You're a nice guy. We've talked briefly a few times but never had a really long conversation. I didn't really know you until you dated tony, and thats when i started knowing who you were a little more. You're a pretty cool kid though :)

Finklestein123: To me, you seem fairly liked among our Tengaged peers. I've always had a good opinion of you and I remember you from when you always joined games with Owee, Titan, and all of those people.
You've always been cool in my book and I think you have a good chance at getting into Stars someday. For some reason, you remind me of LiteCitrus.
I don't know why.
But cool.

ILoveSleep: Hwest14- Houston you're so cute and amzing :* ILoveWest14 xx

Owee13-Houston i love you so much. You know youre like my favorite noob.

James- Houston: You're a little late lol. You are also an amazing person to talk to and to play with, and we have great fun, and you're shit at jurys cos even I beat you lol jk. It was annoying you not having skype, cos I missed talking to you that regularly and now you're back so yay for that <3 ily <3333333

Macabre-I'll admit, when I first met you on here, I wasn't your biggest fan. In fact, I was your biggest hater. But that has changed since I saw how nice you really are. Thank you for being so kind all the time.

taylor112399- You are an awesome ally and a great friend! Taking down premades and everything! Keep it up. I'm glad I can be friends with such an amazing person, unlike most of tengaged. <333

kimmal8-Houston, you are like a brother to me on here. I can always count on you whenever i need something, and this place would suck without ya mate. I cant wait till i have the chance to gift ya! <3

Dav_o_79: hwest14 - Another Noob sweetheart of mine! Even though you deny it strongly, I still think you're gay...but its okay! I'll love you no matter what, honey <3 I think you're so nice and you're one of the ones that gave me a huge welcome when I first joined the chat. I really appreciate that you joined my last was really nice gesture. Please stay cute as hell! <333

JJJJ: Hwest14 -> ANOTHER NOOB.. We have a lot of us eh :P..Your really cool although you evicted me over SASH..YUCK. :D Your not active anymore in the noobs..we miss youuuuu<3

Sjsoccer:hwest- You are up there with owee on the fact that u have been great to me :) You are a very good friend of mine and have done soooo many things to me. Thanks for being there for me and talking to me instead of ignoring me :)

Sandman:Hwest- I played some games with u in the winter months. We reunited about a month ago and that time was AWESOME! Ur a awesome player and a good friend. And ur one of the only people i could truthfully say can kick my butt at everything on this site.

Dash: hwest14 - I like you =], you were like one of my first friends i made on tengaged, btw you and jacob need to just do it already @_@ let me watch though ;)

AllieBoBallie - hwest14 - i like you because i love your accent!

[9:25:48 PM] Jayne ...: houston west ily

[3:36:36 PM] lemonface <3's owee: Houston ily babe

[9:21:36 PM] Owee<3s lemonface: houston i love you

[9:18:10 PM] TGM is GETTIN 14th <3: you're so far in the closet you're in narnia

[3:10:30 PM] James AKA BB5lover: ilyy

[8:38:09 PM] James <3s Cody :D: i loveeee houston :PPP

[10:21:17 PM] Sam: awe thanks houston :)
[10:21:21 PM] Sam: ily2

Birks4444: Hwest! You are the most kind person in this website. Thank u for all of your kindness. You were SO loyal and I'm sorry about what happened. I think anthousai has ur vote but that doesn't change the fact that ur awesome!
[10:21:26 PM] Sam: yer my fave noob dont tell the others

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