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  1. Should I play my first frookies since March?
  2. Potential moneymaker
  3. What's your username on that other site?
  4. Want a chance at making money ?
  5. Want to make money playing bowling or solitaire?
  7. If you like solitaire and want to make money hmu
  8. Ty is actually the last person of the 3
  9. And that's exactly why I left the site...
  10. This week in stars has been exhausting
  11. UNNOMINATED until 4th.. I was so close
  12. Can't wait to go up for 5th
  13. Pretty pathetic to hack peoples accounts.
  14. What keeps you on this site?
  15. My allergies are so bad rn
  16. I guess I came back for a week
  17. does stars still have multis?
  18. hi
  19. BB LINK
  20. hi
  22. It鈥檚 my birthday, bitchhhhh
  23. ASS 馃嚟馃嚪馃嚟馃嚪馃嚟馃嚪馃嚟馃嚪
  24. Danielkennedy is NOT on big brother..
  25. Whats DaniD's new account?
  26. Stars Support
  27. hi
  28. I'm fully moved into my new apartment!
  29. Anyone wanna play League with me?
  30. HQ?
  31. call anyone?
  32. I鈥檓 having sex with a Tengaged tonight..
  33. hi
  34. just had some bomb sex
  35. Anyone want to play league?
  36. Prime example as to why we need mods...
  37. call?
  38. im really high rn :x
  39. bbcan6 episode links?
  40. who wants to call

"My name's Olivia, I'm 21"

Mar 8, 2018 by hujain
*shows graphic of her being 22*


Lol I saw that too
Sent by Birks4444,Mar 8, 2018

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