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  1. How do people fill a frooks
  2. Sorry to disappoint you all
  3. horny and craving pizza
  4. Im horny
  5. Does anyone remember me
  6. Hi
  7. No title
  8. Omg
  9. If USA lost
  10. Is anyone actually paying attention to the World..
  11. I don't care who wins
  12. I can't stop watching Miley Cyrus's VMA..
  13. Did freshman get hit with eggs at ur high school
  14. When does everyone start school?
  15. Taylor Swift's head
  16. Omg this is amazing
  17. Oh shit I just realized
  18. + for Applause
  19. Uh
  20. Is it weird
  21. Ugh my hair's so short now
  22. Am I the only one
  23. Please plus if you haven't!
  24. Please Plus
  25. Are there any high levels
  26. Who's competing?
  27. Is it weird
  28. Who's competing this week in shops?
  29. Canceling Intervention was a big mistake
  30. What's the difference between a suit and a tux?
  31. The stuff in shops is pure shit
  32. Is anyone other than Antonio
  33. Not really looking forward to this Doctor..
  34. In the middle
  35. Results:
  36. Everyone make their avi's bald
  37. Does anyone remember
  38. I feel like we're going back in time
  39. Can u join another race
  40. Rob is so fuckin sexy

If USA lost

Jun 26, 2014 by horrorite
How are they advancing to the Round of 16?


i wish it was that easy, USA beat ghana and tied against portugal, so it was the second team with more points
Sent by GoodPlay,Jun 26, 2014
goodplay they have the same amount of points as portugal in third they went through on goal difference.
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Jun 26, 2014
Sent by GoodPlay,Jun 26, 2014

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