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My Top 10 Fave League Champions May 16, 2017
Copying TylerK

10. Soraka
9. Fiddlesticks
8. Zilean
7. Leona
6. Teemo
5. LuLu
4. Rammus
3. Xerath
2. Rakan
1. Sona
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League of Legends May 15, 2017
Full AP Sona with Lich Bane is so op. I main sona, but I tried her out full ap mid and I went 9/0/8 with her. I was doing over 850+ damage to turrents in one hit. I one hit a malzahar. Makes it even worse it was 4 vs 5 the entire game and we manage to win still. It was just amazing omg. I love playing full AP Sona in nonranked because no one targets Sona, in ranked she gets targeted a lot.
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Alex,Morgan, and Shelby <3 May 14, 2017
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Milk May 14, 2017
How much does a gallon of milk cost where you live?
It's only 75 cents a gallon where I live and I live in Illinois lol
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all the total drama spoilers are fake May 13, 2017
Total Drama Comedy was changed to Total Drama Reloaded, and later to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Besides if they are real, then the creators can easily change what happens if everyone already knows, since you know this show isn't real and it's easy to change the whole story incase spoilers do get leaked.
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Total Drama May 7, 2017
I really wish they had new players every season so when an all-star season came around you can get excited to see some of your favorites from past seasons, but the excitement isn't fully there when you've seen some players for a 4th or 5th time already, loses any excitement for an all-star season because it's pretty much like any other season with returning players.
Imagine if irl survivor did that a lot, seeing the same players every season.
Imagining watching russel hantz for 3 or 4 season straight
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