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Survivor game on Tengaed!Is it so great! May 18, 2010
imageHow come we can only play until the merge in Survivor game?I want play the whole game.There should Jury to vote for the two people who make it to the end.It shouldn't start a new game when you reach the final 10.This not really Survivor If you only play to the merge.You should make it more challaging.The Jury would be alot of fun too.The Jury could have there own chatting area after they leave they game to chat with other people on the Jury.They could talk about what happen and everthing.It would make it difficult for backstabbing in the merge if there's a Jury who decide's you fate!If any one agrees with me please plus and comment.
Points: 12 2 comments
Survivor game Wii May 18, 2010
imageDoes anyone know If this is true or is it a rumor.It would be awsome If they made a Big Brother and Survivor game for Wii or any other system.
Tell me want you think and plz vote up.
Points: 41 6 comments
first rookies May 18, 2010
imageIt's really fun and the people are awsome!I hope I can do really well in it!
Points: 9 3 comments
Top 4 Favorite Survivors May 8, 2010
Points: 39 4 comments
I guess 8 is my lucky number May 6, 2010
imageI placed 8th in both of my games one cause i didn't have an alliance and one cause i was in an alliance.How are you supposed to win these things.I don't care anymore people on are mean on here but, you get lucky and find some good people.
Points: 10 5 comments
Newbie finally evited! May 6, 2010
imageI can't believe I placed 8th in my first game.I was able to skip 9th but, wasn't lucky this time.
Points: 38 2 comments