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Deserving Designs (not mine)

May 30, 2009 by hexylia
Amazing designs or just really cool ideas that deserve a chance at the top but prolly wont make it :’(
(not my designs)
ADDED: Ninja outfit:
OMFG this is great!! plus it!!!!!
I think gas-masks are efin awesome but I guess not many other people do
Nose glasses:
OMFG we HAVE to have these!!! Great for hiding when you turn on your alliance!
And they’re a classic!!! This might have a fair chance of getting to the top
Ninja Mask:
we are ninja, he is ninja, she is ninja too!!!
Ninja’s rock!! This might have a fair chance of getting to the top
Flame shirt:
a nice little design that’s not just a picture a shirt for someone who wants to stand out but not toooo much.
Smelliott for non-nudists lol I love this guy, think he’s cute, great for a pirate costume too lol
theres not too many hats yet and out of those that are there I think this one is the most genuine XP
another hat type, I like this one as well, classy
Prom dress:
not many people have gotten a real pic to fit nicely but this dress fits nice, great for special occasions, like day 7.
i think this is the first thign to alter the position of your avitar, great work i think
Some of these have a fair chance of at least making it to the top-ish and I hope they get there. The spiral shirt, the crown, and the devil and angle designs are pretty cool and its good they’ve made it.
Hopefully you’ve gone and plussed these deserving designs or at least the ones you liked too.
If you’d like to plus two more theres always mine , and , not as great as those above but I’d appreciate some plusses

hey wat about mine?
its got 141 points!
Sent by rippyroo,May 30, 2009
Sent by TripleXXX,May 30, 2009
yous is good too rippy, but i tried to stay away from those that were just a picture on a shirt (not all of them are bad tho)
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
Hexy <3
Sent by Urienation,May 30, 2009
^^^^^^check out their stuff yall^^^^^
thats the whole point of this blog
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
wohooo!! +++
Sent by bballer,May 30, 2009
good idea
Sent by bibbles,May 30, 2009
thanks you two
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
+8, loved all! :D
Sent by sam_cutie567,May 30, 2009
thanks sam, GL in stars
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
Plussed. :D
Sent by TheGreatXL,May 30, 2009
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
yay smelliott!
Sent by Richpaca,May 30, 2009
w00t top blogs meaning more people will see these designs
if you know of another great one post it here
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
Thanks for featuring mine man. I agree. I want a gas mask. Badly.
Sent by dramallama56,May 30, 2009
Sent by PortugalPauleta20,May 30, 2009
Thanks for featuring mine, hexy <3
Sent by Elliott,May 30, 2009
thanks to you two, drama and elliott, for making good designs
Sent by hexylia,May 30, 2009
I'd consider adding this as well ;)
Sent by Elliott,May 30, 2009
Love 'em :)
Sent by imxrated93,May 31, 2009

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