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Drag Race v2.0 Season 1 PYN

Jul 27, 2019 by hellomynameis347
I've decided to restart my random Drag Race series for a new generation!

I'm looking for twelve queens. To compete, post a drag name, be it an RPDR queen, Dragula, a local queen, or a made-up name, in the comments and you'll be added to the season.

Queens (12/12):
- Sharon Needles Operetta
- Bella Lack ShaneDawson12345
- Ji JonMcGillis
- Lee Chaeyeon SharonMaItems
- Vodka Faithful ApplecorAJ
- Belle Pepper purplebb4
- Washey Poussington Whoa
- Madalena PoisonedHeart
- Emma Versace Eaurea
- Shuga Cain Miss_ShugaCain23
- Nina Bo'Nina Brown ThickyVicky456
- Carmella Carmella30


NOTE: This is a whole new generation. Any queens you used literally a year ago in my last series are fair game!


Sharon needles
Sent by Operetta,Jul 27, 2019
Bella lack
Sent by ShaneDawson12345,Jul 27, 2019
Sent by JonMcGillis,Jul 27, 2019
Lee Chaeyeon
Sent by SharonMaItems,Jul 27, 2019
Vodka Faithful
Sent by ApplecorAJ,Jul 27, 2019
Belle Pepper
Sent by purplebb4,Jul 27, 2019
Washey Poussington
Sent by Whoa,Jul 27, 2019
Sent by PoisonedHeart,Jul 27, 2019
Emma Versace
Sent by Eaurea,Jul 27, 2019
Shuga Cain
Sent by Miss_ShugaCain23,Jul 27, 2019
Nina Bonina Brown
Sent by ThickyVicky456,Jul 27, 2019
Carmella plz
Sent by Carmella30,Jul 27, 2019
Sent by hellomynameis347,Jul 27, 2019

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