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Jul 25, 2019 by hellomynameis347
1. What has been your best group game experience and why?
Winning Kolby’s Survivor! ThePug is a great host, and I’ve played his series multiple times with some great people, including IceBear, dwipeouts, Robbyjak, and donosaurus_Rex, so finally winning after two extremely lackluster showings (and going on to get 3rd in my fourth appearance) was a great feeling.

2. What has been your worst group game experience and why?
I love Noah’s Survivor and I think noah_kondon is probably one of the best hosts on the site, but Alvard Island came during a very dark time, especially with Matt’s death (may he Rest In Peace) happening the day before he was voted out of the game. The game was fun, the challenges were great, and I don’t fault Noah for anything, but there was definitely a very large dark cloud hanging over the rest of the game.

3. What are some of the best alliance names you have been a part of?
The Cracker Barrel Coalition (me, #Robbyjak, #dwipeouts, #donosaurus_rex, and #dwipeouts)
! Formed due to Robby and I aggressively pre-gaming and trying to piece together the cast by the casting requirements of Survivor: The Congo - Kolby vs Bennett. Honorable mention goes to TwentyOnePilots and my duo in Kolby’s Venezuela, coined RuKolb’s All-Stars.

4. What is a series you wish you could return to that you haven't yet?
I’ve returned to most of the series I’ve wanted to, but if Dono ever returns to the site and continued hosting his series, I’d love a chance to redeem myself after getting rocked out at F18.

5. What are some group games you would love to play but haven't yet?
Suitman’s is the only currently running game that I desperately want to play but haven’t found a good time to yet, but if M&N’s ever gets around to a Gen II, that would probably be pretty high on my list as well.

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