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Big Brother Season 2 (Results)

Jul 28, 2018 by hellomynameis347
- Justin Girllover101
- Maryjane MaryJane420
- Eli EliOrtiz1234
- Tatiana~ TR1364
- Silver Silver09
- Donatello camell22
- Aimee Amnesia_
- Mike Wolven6974
- Cara Maria Yandereboy12
- Ben benp428
- Thom Paralox
- Mason yarn
- Issy immaxyman

CHART (Click 'Season 2' tab):


Although the season seemed like it was shaping up to be pretty predictable, it definitely had a much more shocking conclusion than season 1. Was it the best possible outcome? Probably not. Did it make for a good season? Yeah, it did, at least in my opinion.


- Both of the first 2 HOH's winning both HOH and Veto
- Mason surviving back-to-back nominations by one vote both times
- Cara Maria using her one HOH to try to take out Ben or Tatiana, failing to evict either one, and being a constant target of Ben's wrath for the rest of the season
- Ben deciding to backdoor Tatiana rather than getting Cara Maria out of the house.
- Aimee and Eli being the last two to cast a vote at every eviction, then getting targeted back-to-back
- Ben winning literally every challenge he was eligible for (except F5 Veto) in the second half of the season, and then choking at the Final HOH
- Thom winning both HOH and POV at F5 and being the one to finally successfully get Cara Maria evicted
- Mike being the last person to never be a final nominee, finally sitting on the block at the F5 eviction
- Mike defeating the seemingly unbeatable Ben and evicting him in third

Potential Returnees:
Cara Maria


9 comp wins and I got third fml
Sent by benp428,Jul 28, 2018
Final 2 with not a single vote agaisnt me... I still get 2nd...
Seriously I have the most annoying luck in brantsteele.

I come 3rd twice in brantsteele survivor
Now I’ve come 2nd in brantsteele big brother
Sent by Wolven6974,Jul 28, 2018
I was robbed! Aimee should be back for All-Stars
Sent by Amnesia_,Jul 28, 2018
Sent by yarn,Jul 28, 2018
Sent by TR1364,Jul 28, 2018

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