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Big Brother Skype Game || Pre Jury Magic (CLOSED)

Sep 20, 2020 by hellocat
Skype Game first come first serve if I don't have your Skype include it below, pick your winner pick and then we'll simulate the brantsteele simulator on a Skype Group

== Cast ==
Amber Borzotra (Big Brother 16) ambersnatchweave
Audrey Middleton (Big Brother 17) mradamman12
Clay Honeycutt (Big Brother 17) Latisha0987
Dominique Cooper (Big Brother 19) purplebb4
Holly King (Big Brother 5) DBWs
Howard Overby (Big Brother 15) survivorfan37
Jacob Heald  (Big Brother 9) brimstone
Jessica Graf (Big Brother 19) kevin0621
Jodi Rollins (Big Brother 14) turkeylover
Jozea Flores (Big Brother 18) TotsTrashy
Kaitlyn Herman (Big Brother 20) jameslu
Kaysar Ridha (Big Brother 6,7 & 22) mbarnish1
Ovi Kabir (Big Brother 21) KingGeek
Rachel Swindler (Big Brother 20) varlto
Ronnie Talbott (Big Brother 11) spark_
William Collins (Big Brother 1) seaviper



rachel queen
Sent by varlto,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by Jameslu,Sep 20, 2020
Jessica Graf
Sent by Kevin0621,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by Jameslu,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by SeaViper,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by mbarnish1,Sep 20, 2020
JILLIAN PARKER- oh i'll take jodi i guess
Sent by turkeylover,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by purplebb4,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by mradamman12,Sep 20, 2020
Will mega was taken so give me idk Holly
Sent by DBWs,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by Spark_,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by purplebb4,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by Latisha0987,Sep 20, 2020
Sent by TotsTrashy,Sep 20, 2020
ambersnatchweave applied via skype
Sent by hellocat,Sep 20, 2020

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