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The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 “A Baby, A Funeral and a Murder”

Oct 12, 2019 by hellocat
*It’s in the outskirts of the village, A grave has been built with a deceased Julie inside, All of the survivors have gathered around to pay there respects. Shaun puts a flower on the grave and Topaz sticks a cross in the grave. Eve runs off crying as Rowland starts to speak*
Rowland- I don’t know about Y’all but I always remembered Julie as a outgoing, very conservative person who was never afraid to speak her mind, she was a great mother prior to the outbreak and she was a caring and a devoted wife to Abraham, even when he got on her nerves. All of us have very fond memories of her. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a doctor to help Julie and she passed giving birth. It is our duty for Julie and for this baby Hana for we need to look after it, feed it, as it is only 8 months old and not the normal nine. As well, to prevent Hayleigh dying giving birth to her twins hopefully next month we need to find a doctor. I know for a fact Julie would want your babies to grow up with there mother. Let’s all do this for Hana, Let’s do this for Julie. Now if you would like to pay respects in private, please take it in turns to come to this grave. Abraham is there any words you would like to say?
Abraham- Um, hopefully God has blessed her with a spot in heaven
*Topaz touches his shoulder*
Topaz- Me too
Rowland- Alright, we will now carry on with our normal day-to-day chores. Abraham, Shaun, Liam, Topaz and Cora you are hunting. Paul and Ida are farming and Eve will be our look out.

*Title scene plays*

*Scene cuts to a house in a town. Reg is still unconscious from the limb removal, Parisa gives Sandra a cup of tea*
Parisa- So what do we do when he wakes up
Sandra- kick him out
Parisa- You really hate your husband
Sandra- Ex-Husband
Parisa- Whatever happens, I will support
Sandra- Then we kick him out
Parisa- That’s what we’ll do then, I recommend drinking that coffee, we walked 7 miles yesterday, we need our strength. Probably won’t stay here long
*Reg wakes up, he tries to reach for his gun but it’s been taken away from him*
Reg- Wh-What, where am I?
Parisa- You are in a flat Reg
Reg- Who are you?
Parisa- I’m a friend of your wife’s
*Sandra walks out*
Sandra- Hello Bastard

*Scene cuts to Ida and Paul picking parsley*
Ida- We have a good little farm going on here
Paul- Yeah, why did you do a C-Section
Ida- It was impossible for Julie and the baby to survive if we did a normal birth, it was safer that way, rather kill 1 person than two.
Paul- Still must of been quite hard killing someone
Ida- *With suspicion* I’m used to it, killed many people post apocalypse
Paul- *Nods* I would’ve named the baby Patricia, after my wife
Ida- Guessing your wife died
Paul- Yep, she died 7 months before this, barely any time to get my head round this and her dying
Ida- If you don’t mind me asking, How did she die?
Paul- Bowl Cancer *looks down*
Ida- Oh, I’m sorry
*Paul continues to look down*
Ida- We better head ba-
*Paul grabs a pitchfork and sticks it to Ida's neck*
Paul- You killed Julie!
Ida- What are you doing, she wouldn’t of survived any how
Paul- There’s always a way, and you killed an innocent human being
Ida- And if you stick that pitchfork in my throat then you’ll be killing an innocent human being, think about this Paul, this isn’t you
Paul- You don’t tell me how to act
Ida- Just please, lower the fork
*Paul slowly lowers the pitchfork, without him realising a walker was walking towards him, Ida pushes him on the Walker*
Paul- You Bitch! You Murderer!
Ida- Never stick a pitchfork to my head
*The walker digs there teeth into Paul’s neck, he can’t breathe, Ida stabs the walker in the head
Ida- Rowland! Eve! Quick, Paul's Injured!
Rowland- *in chair* What the hell!
*Rowland and Eve run up to Ida, Rowland carrying the baby, Eve bends down to Paul
Eve- Oh my god! Paul no!
Rowland- How did this happen??
Ida- Walker just grabbed him from behind, I tried my best
Eve- *crying* Oh my god
Rowland- Kill him, he’s in pain
*Eve gets out her knife and stabs Paul into the head*
Ida- *shaken* I’m going to go to the toilet.
Eve- I’ll go dig another grave

*Scene cuts to the forest*
Topaz- We could be spending this time finding Hayleigh a doctor, especially when *looks at Abraham* You know happened
Abraham- I don’t want to discuss it
Cora- What about Sandra?
Liam- She wouldn’t have survived that walker raid by a mile
Topaz- Right let’s wrap up and head back *Shoots a walker with a crossbow* We’ve got a long winter ahead of us
*They split off in different directions, Topaz heads further in the forest as Shaun and Liam head to the river*
Cora- It seems so much more emptier without Julie, she was always the life and soul of the group and she always said the right things, I wish she was here right now.
Abraham- I said I don’t want to talk about it.
Cora- Sometimes it’s good to get it off your chest, express yourself
*Abraham pushes Cora to the floor*
Abraham- *tearing up* I said I’m fine! *Pulls out knife* Leave me alone!
Cora- Sorry, I-I wasn’t thinking
*Abraham puts his knife away*
Abraham- I’m going back to camp
Cora- I’ll come with you
Abraham- *Already walking off* Please just piss off

*Scene cuts to the outskirts of the town, Parisa is holding a map, Reg is tied up and he has a swollen face and a black eye, Sandra is holding a gun to his back*
Parisa- Right so if I’m correct we need to head 2 miles East
Sandra- Why?
Parisa- My groups there
Sandra- You told me that you didn’t have a group, that you watch them all die one by one
Parisa- I lied... Well not exactly
Sandra- What do you mean?
Parisa- Instead of my group it was my whole family, Parents, Grandparents, my children. I didn’t tell you because it’s personal you know but I knew I had too eventually so there you go, you got any secrets you want to reveal?
Sandra- I strangled a man to death
Parisa- everyone killed at least one person from this
Sandra- No pre-Apocalypse. His name was Daniel. He tried to rape me so I strangled him to death. His wife got the blame and got sentenced 20 years without parole
Reg- Danny tried to rape you?!
Sandra- Says you
Parisa- I’m so sorry Sandra, the guilt it must of caused, I’m sorry for pressuring you into telling that
Sandra- Don’t mention it
Reg- This is cruel you know, beating me up and tying me to death
Sandra- That reminds me of when the exact thing happened to me which I think you caused! Trust me you deserve every last ounce of pain.
*Parisa looks at Sandra worried*

*Scene cuts to the outskirts of the village, Eve is digging Paul’s grave. Abraham walks up to her*
Abraham- I just heard, that must of been so hard
Eve- Me, you and Rowland need to look out for each other, I don’t trust those lot one bit
Abraham- Same, ever since there been here two of us have died
Eve- What do we do?
Abraham- Kill them before they kill us
*Abraham walks into the bunker, Hayleigh and Rowland are having a cup of tea and a slice of cake*
Hayleigh- Have you tried Rowland's Toffee Apple and Cream cake, it’s so good
Abraham- No I haven’t
Hayleigh- Do you want to?
Abraham- No
Hayleigh- Okie Dokie
Abraham- Can you actually leave me and Rowland to chat in peace for a moment
Hayleigh- Yeah sure that’s fine
*Hayleigh gets up and walks out, Abraham steals her seat*
Rowland- What is it
Abraham- We need to kick those people out. There killing our group very quickly. First Julie then Paul, Eve is probably next
Rowland- Firstly Julie’s wasn’t by them
Abraham- Who cut her open?
Rowland- It was so the baby could live
Abraham- Listen, I want them out of here, they make me very uneasy and I want to look out for us 3 not 10
Rowland- Right, Abraham I’m going to hold an election between you and Ida, if you win do whatever you want with the group. If Ida wins this leader election though, we will pretend that this conversation never came up, you understand
Abraham- Yes
Rowland- Glad you could agree, now go rest.

*Scene cuts to Eve digging Paul’s grave, she looks up and sees a man, Eve looks scared*
Man- Shush
Eve- Rowland, Hayleigh! There’s a Man!
*The man drags Eve to the floor, he puts a gun to her head and covers her head, Eve tries to escape*
Man- Stop moving, you’ll attract your group. I need some help
Eve- Mmmm
Man- I need some gasoline, you see I’m looking for one of my group members Parisa. My name’s Reid. My car ran out of gas so it would be a huge help if you could give me some
*Reid lets Eve go*
Eve- Why should I help someone who almost killed me
*Rowland walks outside*
Rowland- Eve? I heard screams
Eve- Go inside Rowland, It was nothing
Rowland- Alright, lunch is almost ready
*Rowland walks inside*
Reid- My group has walls, it has good, medicine, a doctor incase anyone gets Ill.
Eve- A doctor?
Reid- Yes, we’ve had no casualties so far and it seems like you have lost some people, are you down
Eve- I’ll have to tell the group before we make any final decisions
Reid- Alright, I’ll come back to the graves at dusk, you have that long to decide.

*Scene cuts to a huge Gate, Parisa and Sandra stand in front of it with a hobbling Reg behind in chains*
Parisa- Welcome to the Commonwealth
Reg- Is this it?
Parisa- I would shut up if I were you
*A man and a woman come out*
Loveita- Omg! Your back
Gerry- Malcolm open the gates, Parisa is back
*Malcolm opens the gates, all three of them run to the other three, Loveita kisses Parisa*
Loveita- I was so worried babe thank god your okay
Parisa- I had some help
*Parisa looks at Sandra. Loveita, Malcolm and Gerry see Reg*
Gerry- Woah what happened to you
Reg- *Spits* I’m fine, just a scratch
Loveita- I’m so grateful, Parisa wouldn’t have Survived on her own. I don’t know what I would do without her.
Sandra- Happy to help
Malcolm- Where’s Reid?
Sandra- Reid?!
Parisa- Um he should be here shouldn’t he
Loveita- He went off looking for you, I told him to stay but he wouldn’t listen
Sandra- My brother Reid! Reid Carrington
Gerry- Your Sandra Carrington??
Sandra- Omg we’ve got to go back out there and save him
Parisa- He’s a tough guy, he’ll be fine.
Loveita- We need to take both Sandra and Reg to Di, she needs to decide whether you stay or not, after that we will take you too our doctor Clinton, you’ll be assigned a room and you will be given a job, Malcolm and Gerry will stay guarding. Come this way you two
*Sandra gives Parisa a look for reassurance, Parisa nods and both Sandra and Reg walk with Loveita*

*Scene cuts to the Bunker, all the villagers have gathered, Rowland is taking the lead*
Rowland- And he just jumped out on you?!
Eve- Yes
Topaz- And how do we trust someone who jumped out on you, Jesus we don’t even know if what he’s saying is true, the place he says he is very far away.
Eve- I don’t give a shit of it’s a lie or not, The only thing I care about is Hayleigh delivering her baby healthily and happily, and with doctors and medicine we could really need it. Plus it seems very sturdy so it’s perfect for us! Come on, this place isn’t going to hold us forever, soon it’s going to get destroyed like most things, this is our chance
Abraham- We’ve survived almost a year like this Eve
Eve- The reason we lost your wife was because we had no doctors. Now there’s a huge possibility for Hayleigh to deliver successfully.
Abraham- Look, I don’t care about Hayleigh no offense, the only thing I cared about is dead! Whatever you decide leave me out of it.
Hayleigh- Same
*Both Hayleigh and Abraham walk out*
Eve- Topaz, do you want your best friend to die from losing too much blood
Topaz- I guess not
Eve- Then stand with me, please anyone
Shaun- It seems alright
Ida- I agree, our main goal was to make sure Hayleigh delivers her baby safely and here we are
Rowland- It seems to good to be true
Liam- Well it dusk, we need to decide
Rowland- If anyone still doesn’t want to be apart of the vote they can leave now
*No-one exits*
Ida- Alright so voters are Me, Cora, Rowland, Shaun, Liam, Eve and Topaz.
Rowland- I’m voting Leave
Eve- Same, it’s safer
Shaun- Yeah I’m voting Leave aswell
Ida- I don’t know, what do you think Cora
Cora- Stay
Eve- It’s your best friend
Ida- I’m voting Stay aswell then.
Liam- Stay is my vote
Rowland- Topaz, it’s down to you
Eve- Do you want to be digging Hayleigh’s Grave?!
Topaz- No
Liam- Being to trusting will get us killed
Topaz- I’m going to vote Leave, the its worth a shot, especially if Hayleigh’s is on the line
Eve- Thank you! I’ll go tell Reid!!

*They go outside*
Hayleigh- What’s the verdict
Cora- Leave
*Abraham looks down angry*
Abraham- Well I’m not going
Rowland- Wait what? You can’t stay on your own
Abraham- I can survive
Topaz- That’s suicide
*Eve comes back with Reid*
Eve- This is Reid
Shaun- *Shakes Reid’s hand* Nice to meet you mate.
Reid- Nice to meet you too, um small problem. My car can only take 4 people so only 3 of you is coming with me
Rowland- Hayleigh you definitely are
Abraham- I’m definitely not, gonna look after my Baby
Ida- I’m not going either
Cora- Me too
Topaz- Me and Shaun will come aswell as Hayleigh and you.
Rowland- Are you sure?
Eve- What about me
Topaz- Your needed here Eve
Eve- *Looks at Reid* Will you come back for more of us
Reid- Not for at least 2 months, we have got to get going now, long journey
Cora- Good luck Topaz
Rowland- Look after yourself Shaun
Shaun- Please look after Liam for me
Liam- I’m old enough to look after myself
Shaun- Sorry bro I’m just being an overprotective little brother
Ida- Good luck Hayleigh, hope to see you with your twins soon
*All 4 get in the car and drive into the sunset*
Abraham- I have a bad feeling about this.




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